Local health department

Review the website for your local health department and identify a person who works in a
service or program area in which you are interested. Describe the program or service with
which this person is involved and the person’s role (e.g., director, manager). Describe the
overall organization, structure, and function of your local/regional health department and
state health department. Provide an example of a public health service provided by each
agency. What key similarities and differences exist in terms of structure, general functions,
funding, services, and other unique features?


Prince George’s Health Department, PG County, offers a wide range of healthcare services. It is
committed to ensuring a thriving and healthy Prince George County that works with people,
communities, and organizations to improve healthcare services, accept responsibility for injuries,
and advancement of healthcare (Prince George’s Health Department, 2018). Furthermore, it is
committed to ensuring that people and communities have access to the best healthcare
imaginable. The hospital strives to provide quality services to all, partners with individuals to
find ways of improving their lives. An exciting role in the department is the environmental health
manager, who is tasked with ensuring that environmental regulations and policies are in place to
promote public health. The manager interacts with other public health officials to implement
environmental policies that promote healthcare. The environment plays a crucial role in
healthcare and having rules to govern the sector is useful in promoting the health of Prince
George’s residents (Prince George’s Health Department, 2018).


Prince George’s Health Department is committed to protecting public health, encouraging
people to assume their responsibilities in preventing diseases and injuries. The hospital has
agencies that perform various roles in the hospital to ensure quality healthcare (Prince George’s
Health Department, 2018). For example, the Behavioral Health Division provides services
geared toward promoting the physical and emotional needs of the community. It also deals with
environmental health through regulation, public health education, and disease control to the well
being of residents. The health and wellness division encourage behavioral changes, which serve
to improve the health of Prince Georges residents. The agencies are similar in how they deal with
issues affecting women’s health but differ in approaches taken to address individual problems.
The divisions’ work together to ensure residents of Prince Georges has access to quality services.


Department, P. G. (2018, January 01). Prince George Health Department. Retrieved November
21, 2018, from princegeorgescountymd.gov.