Limits on nurse practitioner practice, current and future trends

AMN Healthcare. (March 27, 2014).The Limits on nurse practitioner practice:
current and future trends

Unit 1

The article explores the hindrances to nursing in modern and future practice. The information targets
the public health practitioners including Nurses, Physician, and physician assistants.
The information is not peer reviewed, nor scientifically collected. However, the information
remains relevant to the pharmacology and nursing field. The article
explains that there is need to implement the Affordable Care Act to ease the burden experienced
in the health care system. It calls the state remove restrictions and permit nurses practice
in the health care systems with minimal restrictions. The article lacks references but
blogs with related information are listed. The article is written in English using Scientific language.

Al Sha’alan, K., Ferwana, M., Saeed Ur, R., & Yaseen, I. A. (2013). Knowledge and practice of Unit 2
primary care physicians in management of gastro esophageal reflux disease. Middle East
Journal of Family Medicine, 11(2), 40-46.
The article aims at investigating the role of physicians in management of Gastro-
esophageal reflux disease (GERD) According to this article authored by Khalid, Ferwana. Rahma and
Yaseen; GERD is very rampant in most countries with a prevalence rate ranges of 21-56%. The
paper targets the health practitioners and contributes essential information on the role of physician in
GERD. Management. The paper is peer reviewed by Middle East Journal of Family Medicine. The
information is gathered through qualitative research method and all references used to construct
the paper is listed on the last page. The language used to compile the report is English & scientific

Department of Health (August 29, 2012). Nurse practitioners. Unit 1

The article describes the nurse practitioner regulations and requirements as outlined by the
Department of health in the United State. The information targets people in the population who wish
to become professional nurse. For instance, it indicates that a person can only practice nursing
if he/she is registered as nurse under Chapter 54. Other information includes educational

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requirements, certification processes, Standard code of conduct for nursing practitioner and the scope
of practice. The information is not peer reviewed and is generated from the department of health.
The article lacks list of references. The article is written in English using Scientific language.

Harmes, K. M., Blackwood, R. A., Burrows, H. L., Cooke, J. M., Harrison, R. V., & Passamani, Unit 3
P. (2013). Otitis media: diagnosis and treatment. American Family Physician, 88(7), 435-440.
The article reports on AOE, its diagnosis and treatment. According to the article, AOE is a
Complication which arises when the middle ear fluid becomes infected with microorganisms
Such as Streptococcus pneumniae, Moraxella catarrhalis and Haemophilus species. Management
of AOE is through pharmacological therapy including use of amoxicillin for patients who are not
Penicillin sensitive for both pediatrics and adults. The paper condemns use of nasal steroids and
Decongestants. The paper target public health practitioner and citizen. It provides immeasurable
Information on etiology, diagnoses and treatment. The paper uses qualitative research method. The
work is peer reviewed and is published American Academy of family physician. All references are
Included in the last page. The language used is English.

Health Affairs. (May 15, 2013). Nurse practitioners and primary Care (updated).

The article describes the role of nurse practitioners in primary care. The information in the article
targets both the public and health practitioners. It aims at providing enlightening the target group
on policies which regulate the nursing practice. According to the article, Federal laws, state and local
policies are increasingly limiting the scope of practice for nursing practitioners in care services.
The information is peer reviewed, and is gathered through mixed Scientific research method. It is
generated from the Health policy briefs of United States. List of references is included.
The article is written in English using Scientific language.

Kierkus, J., Oracz, G., Korczowski, B., Szymanska, E, Wiernicka, A., Woynarowski. M. (2014
Comparative safety and efficacy of proton pump inhibitors in pediatric GERD. Drug safety

Unit 2

The article explores on the the safety on using proton pump inhibitors (PPI) in managing GERD in
Pediatric. The study also evaluates the efficacy of PPI on children. According to the article, PPI are
Very effective in management of GERD in infants; and information on the long term safety in infants
Is limited. The article targets pediatricians, and in adding knowledge on GERD management in
Infants. The paper is peer reviewed and published by Springer international publishing Switzerland.
The article is written using scientific language and contains data generated using mixed method of
Scientist research. The list of references used to compile this study is written in the article’s last

Thornton, K., Parrish, F., Sword, C. (2011). Topical vs. systemic treatments for acute otitis
media. Pediatric Nursing 37(5); 263-270 Unit 3

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This article compares tropical treatment of AOE with systemic treatments in infants. According to
The research tropical treatment such as use of analgesic ear drops and antibiotics are the most
Effective treatment because they release pain. The article recommended for increased patient
education based on the evidence based practice. The article targets health care practitioners and the
public. The information is simply put in English. The article uses quantitative research. The work is
Also peer reviewed and has been published in pediatric nursing. The paper has reference list.

Mittal, A., & Kumar, S. (2014). Role of pH of External Auditory Canal in Acute Otitis Externa.
Indian Journal of Otolaryngology & Head & Neck Surgery, 66(1), 86-91.

Unit 3

The article highlights the role of PH during treatment of External Auditory Canal in Ear infection.
The prospective study evaluates on the pH of the normal auditory canal in healthy individuals and
Compared the results with people diagnosed with acute otitis externa (AOE). The study also
explored The effect of temperature, humidity in relation to AOE incidences. The study results
indicate that Normal EAC pH is acidic and more alkaline in AOE. The study targeted ENT health
practitioner. The study uses English healthcare scientific language. The research technique used is
quantitative and is peer reviewed; the information is published in Indian J otolaryngology Head
Neck Surg.

Venkataraman, J., & Krishnan, A. (2012).
Long-term medical management of gastro-esophageal reflux disease: how long and when to
consider surgery?

Unit 2

Tropical Gastroenterology: Official Journal of the Digestive Diseases Foundation, 33(1), 21-32.
The article evaluates the management of GERD using pharmacological therapy such as proton
Acid depressants and non-acid depressants drugs. According to the article, there is limited
information on how or when the treatment should end. The paper recommends that future research
should include randomized controlled trials to evaluate the most effective GERD intervention i.e.
use of PPI vs. laparoscopic fundoplication. The article aims at educating the public and public
Health practitioners on other alternatives of managing GERD other than pharmacological therapy.
The article uses qualitative research technique. It is peer reviewed and has been published by
Tropical Gastroenterology journal. All list of references used to compile this piece of information
Is listed on the last page. The language used to compile the report is English scientific.