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Discuss what you learned about yourself as a leader by completing the leadership
Explain how knowledge of your personal leadership style and traits allowed you to
collaborate effectively as a member of your CLC team.
Reflect on the tenets of servant leadership that you experienced while interacting with you
CLC group this week and provide specific examples of how servant leadership was


By completing the leadership assessments, I learned that I am a democratic leader. I am
an empathetic and considerate leader to my team members. I put those working under me first
and always strive to ensure that their working conditions are favorable so that they can achieve
the desired targets. I have also learned that I am not a control freak, as I understand that people
cannot be in full complete control of their environments and surroundings at all times. Fear can
make people adhere to instructions, but motivation and inspiration foster positive actions. The
knowledge that I am democratic has enabled me to collaborate effectively as a member of my
CLC team through my ability to generate value within the group. I have been able to achieve this
through the use of balanced motivations to impact as well as inspire growth amongst them.
Through my democratic leadership style and skills, I was able to make use of my
transferable skills. These skills enabled me to break down the barriers that stood between us and
established relationships that were cross-cultural yet still founded on trust as well as

communication. This also taught me that excellent relational skills are essential in leading teams
and can be of significant influence to the entire team (Y SCOUTS, 2020) . I also learned the
importance of constructive conflicts and my leadership role of openly encouraging other
members to voice their concerns publicly. I learned that this is key for growth as well as in the
refining of ideas.


Y SCOUTS. (2020, April 7). 10 Collaborative Leadership Characteristics. Retrieved from Y

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