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Interrelationship Between Human Health and Natural Environment

Interrelationship Between Human Health and Natural Environment
Discuss the interrelationship between human health and the natural environment.
Describe the effects on human health, animal health, and ecosystem health when
changes are made to the natural environment by human activities, such as construction,
production of goods, use of resources, or increased population. Highlight one current
example and its effec

Interrelationship Between Human Health and Natural Environments
Human activity and interactions with the natural environment have an impact on the
human, animal, and ecosystem health, which precipitates the occurrence of various conditions
that affect the named species. Furthermore, the effects on the environment and the ecosystem
have been noted as a determinant of health in animal and human medicine (Sleeman,
DeLiberto, & Nguyen, 2017) . As such, there is a need for proper planning of land use and
also the impact of the accelerated environmental change. In addition, there are policies which
have been implemented to conserve the ecosystem and ensure proper land use and

Effects on The Environment

The natural environment has been subjected to an accelerated rate of infrastructural
and industrial development. It has also led to an increase in the population density, rate of
pollution from factory and industrial effluent, and, consequently, the appearance of related
conditions in the given population (Sleeman, DeLiberto, & Nguyen, 2017) . Moreover, there
is an increase in animal health conditions, which were not previously seen due to the
pollution of the natural resources resulting from increased changes and activity on the
ecosystem. Ultimately, there has been noted an increase in the number of antimicrobial

resistance in human and animal health due to environmental exposure of the compounds
which have been poorly disposed and misuse.

Effects and Interrelation with Human and Animal Health
One health has been a strategy which has been utilized to explain the various impacts
of the change in a holistic approach, including antimicrobial resistance buildup in human and
animal health. The main concern has been the poor disposal methods and misuse concern,
which has led to the increase. Furthermore, pollution had exacerbated the condition through
immunosuppression (Trinh, Zaneveld, Safranek, & Rabinowitz, 2018) . As such, there is a
need to formulate, institute, and implement various policies to safeguard the human, animal,
and ecosystem health, thus reducing the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance.



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environmental health by using the One Health approach. Journal of Veterinary
Sciences, 18(1), 263-268.
Trinh, P., Zaneveld, J. R., Safranek, S., & Rabinowitz, P. M. (2018). One health relationships
between human, animal, and environmental microbiomes: A mini-review. Frontiers
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