Importance of teams

A business proposal to improve the department efficiency and customer satisfaction

This paper is in the form of a business proposal.

The proposal is written from the perspective of the manager of a busy call center in a health care organization.

The proposal describes how departmental efficiency and customer service might be improved by focusing on teamwork at the organization.

The proposal outflows for the plan do not exceed $20,000

Importance of teams

A business proposal to improve the department efficiency and customer satisfaction

In the modern times, collaboration has become essential in ensuring that organizations achieve their goals. Teamwork is the coming together of a group of people to put together their joint efforts to achieve common mission and goals (Michael, 2012). Teamwork is also essential in healthcare in improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. This proposal aims at improving call center department in healthcare set up in terms of its efficiency and customer satisfaction. The department has encountered increased volume of calls that require improvement of services within the budget of $20,000.

To improve efficiency and customers’ satisfaction, the department needs to come up with various courses of action. One of the courses of action is to embrace teamwork whereby, the members of staff in the department collaborate and work in unity to achieve the departmental goals. Another course of action would be to increase the number of staffs. In this case, limitation of budget does not allow employment of more staffs and therefore, the best option is to focus on teamwork. By focusing on teamwork, the manager will improve efficiency and  customer satisfaction  because the team will be able to work  in unison  and will value, respect one another and will remain committed to the  their organization.  When employees show value and respect to one another, they will be able to work together with zeal hence achieving common objectives (Michael, 2012). Service provision in the department will improve to greater height in contributing to the success of the organization.

Teamwork will also help to maintain self-sustainability of the performance of the organization because employees with varied skills and age play a vital role in the organization. This will help to improve the quality of services provision hence contributing to customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Teamwork is also very essential in healthcare because of various reasons.  One of the reasons is that, it helps to improve the quality of services provided. In healthcare set up, there are different kinds of diseases and challenges that requires wide array of skills and knowledge. Therefore, by working in teams, various perspectives and opinions are elicited that help to find amicable solutions to a given condition or challenge. Teams consist of people with various ages, skills, experiences and knowledge and when these people collaborate, they help to greater level in reaching amicable decisions.

 The second reason is that teamwork, allows staffs to have respect and remain committed to the achievement of certain goals. Respect is very important in healthcare in promoting cohesiveness and impacting positively to provision of healthcare services.

Estimated costs

Improving the systems$ 10,000 
Increasing  the allowance$ 8,000 
Miscellaneous$ 2,000 
Total$ 20,000 

Teams are becoming popular in different industries such as aviation, military, auto racing among other because of the benefits that accrues from the same such as enhancing productivity, stability and performance. Because of the nature of the organization, teams function differently. For instance, in the military teamwork is of paramount important especially in a combat, the soldiers work together to defeat their enemy and ensures that they protect each other. This collaboration is what gives them strength and which allows them to succeed. Likewise, in aviation, teamwork is very essential in achieving success. Different staffs work together to ensure that the flight departs and lands successful.

 The success recorded in other departments can therefore be applied in the healthcare to enhance service delivery. Staffs in healthcare need to work together in all areas to achieve positive results. It is however important to have a plan to enhance success when working in teams. All parties should have a vision to be able to meet the goals and visions of the entity.


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