Implementation and Evaluation

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Implementation and Evaluation

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1 Read the article “Patient Safety: A Priority for Healthcare and for Healthcare Design” located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. 

“Patient Safety’’ is it a Priority for Healthcare and for Healthcare Design.

2. Read the article “Nursing’s Impact on Healthcare Facility Design” located in this Week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. 

What is the impact of nursing in health care Design?

3. There are many ways to evaluate a project’s success. What are some ways you might evaluate the success of your project?

4. Read the following scenario.

A new Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) owned and operated by a hospital system, recently opened for patient services following the final inspections by all jurisdictional authorities, including state licensure. 

Approximately 90 days following occupancy, the state licensing agency contacted the hospital to inform them that the new ASC patient access site plan does not meet with their approval and must be changed immediately. Although no specific code reference was cited, the licensing agency stated that ASC patients should not cross or use driveways or sidewalks that are intended for hospital patients, staff, etc. The hospital contacted the project architect to address the site concerns and to seek resolution that would not significantly affect day-to-day operations or impede access to either the hospital campus or the ASC.

What are some possible solutions to the problem faced in this scenario?

5. Read the article “Evaluating Intention and Effect: The Impact of Healthcare Facility Design on Patient and Staff Well-Being” in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.