Historical background of the development of the model

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Historical background of the development of the model

The model developed from the theorists below::

Martha Rogers’s theory of unitary human beings

Arthur Young with his theory of process

Itzhak theory on concept of evolution of consciousness

David Bohm theory of implicate

Description of the theory

The theory states that absence of disability and disease is not

Every person is in a process of expanding consciousness

They try to be oneself and try to find greater meaning in life.

They try to connect with other people across the globe

Information bout Newman

Born in Memphis Tennessee on 10 October 1993

1954- First degree in Home Economics and English, Baylor University
in Waco, Texas

1962- bachelor’s degree in nursing, University of Tennessee,

1964 -Master’s degree of medical surgical nursing

1971 -completed doctorate of nursing science and rehabilitation at
New York University

1976 to 1996 -Worked in various institutions such as New York
university, Pennsylvania State, University of Minnesota

1996- Retired from teaching profession

Concepts of the theory

Definition of human beings



Wellness and illness

Nursing\goals of nursing

Human beings

Under the theory, humans are defined as:

Unitary and cannot be divided into parts

Are inseparable from the larger unitary field

Are centers of consciousness and have an overall pattern of
expanding their consciousness

Are consciousness themselves but do not posses consciousness


According to this theory, environment is:

The universe of open systems

Is beyond the conscious of man


Health is fused on the state of being (disease)

Both health and illness mean health

The opposite of non-disease is regarded as

Wellness and illness

Wellness refers to a state where there is absence
of disease in the body.

The state of mind of the person is calm

Illness is the presence of disease in the body

Nursing\goals of nursing

Nursing is the provision of care to the sick

It is a partnership between the nurse and the client

Both must have higher sense of consciousness to be able to
assist one another

The goal of nursing is therefore, to provide health cares
services to the patients

Relationship between the theory and the concepts of nursing

As the consciousness expands the pattern is recognized

Treating of disease does not in any way alter the structure of a person.

Nursing is recognizing individual in relation to the environment and is also
a process of trying to understand the consciousness

Nursing identifies a disease, recovery and prevent it

As time passes by human beings keep on changing, hence nurses must
be abreast about it

Strengths and weakness of the model for clinical practice


Applicable in any setting

Generates caring interventions





Little discussion on environment

Central values and beliefs set forth by the theorist

Human beings are unit and cannot be divided into parts

Health is a process of developing awareness of self and

Consciousness manifests the changing patterns of person
environment interaction

Nurses has a moral duty to promote healthcare

Example of the theory in clinical practice

An example of an application of this theory is where a sick person has no one to care for
him or her. The person cannot afford to go to the shopping to buy grocery and other basic
essential, not drive to hospital himself for medication and therefore depends on a person
with good-heart. A nurse who is visiting the patient can negotiate with the patient and find an
appropriate way of assisting the patient in order to allow the patient recovery and resume
normal life. Such an arrangement between the nurse and the patient shows some level of
pattern consciousness, which helps both the nurse and the patient.


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