HIPAA and Informatics

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How do HIPAA regulations impact Informatics?
What is HITECH Act and how does it impact health care?

HIPAA and Informatics
How do HIPAA regulations impact Informatics?
“The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)” prohibit disclosure
of patients’ information to unauthorized persons by covered health care providers. The act guides
on cloud computing involving patient health information (PHI). PHI should be encrypted, and
the cloud service provider should not have the decrypting key. I agree with the need to protect
patients’ data on the motion to avoid a breach of protecting PHI. Additionally, as per HIPAA, the
healthcare provider facility should enter and sign an agreement provider with cloud computing
services stating the cloud service provider’s responsibility towards PHI protection (Department


of Health and Human Services, 2016). In my perspective, the agreement is binding and therefore
in case of breach specific parties are held responsible.
The HIPAA patients’ data protection rule requires the installation of adequate security
and access controls into healthcare facility patient information systems. PHI should be protected
with systems that are safe from cyber-attacks leading to the alteration or loss of PHI (Department
of Health and Human Services, 2016). In my experience, several healthcare facilities safeguard
PHI with passwords and physical barriers to access.
What is the HITECH Act and How Does It Impact Healthcare?
“Health Information Technology for Economic Clinical Health Act is part of The
American Reinvestment and Recovery Act” that requires upgrading of healthcare through the
utilization of health information technology. HITECH has, therefore, led to widespread sharing
of knowledge and experience in healthcare practice, thus improving patient care. HITECH
implementation has facilitated patient independence. Patients, through the application of
technology devices, can monitor their health status, for example, abnormal breathing rates and
seeks intervention. HITECH enhances coordination of care in complex health institutions since
the dissemination of information is controlled from one central point (Kruse, Bolton, & Freriks,
2015). Through my experience, HITECH facilitates the exchange of information and new
treatment modalities. From my perspective, I agree with the adoption of modern technology in



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