Healthcare Administration

  1. initial reaction
  2. Observations
  3. Immediate actions (first week) think crisis management
  4. Short term actions (first 2 – 4 weeks) think tactical management
  5. Now think strategic management
    –present your goals objectives action steps and timeline for making the facility a good
    place to be a patient
    –present your goals objectives action steps and timeline for making the facility good place
    to work
    –present your goals objectives action steps and timeline for making the facility profitable
    **Typed in Times New Roman with a minimum of 12 point font

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is abroad concept that encompasses management, leadership
and administration of healthcare systems, public health systems and hospital networks
(Niwatchai, 2012). It is concerned with ensuring that the objectives and goals of the healthcare
are met within the stipulated time. This is attainable if the leadership in place is good to ensure
that all processes operate efficiently.
To make a facility to be a good place for a patient, it requires an individual to have goals,
objectives, and action steps and know exactly the time the objectives should be met. It is of
course in the best interest and a goal for any person setting up a new facility to achieve good
results by providing better services. Therefore, the goals and objective is to ensure that the
medical services provided as well as customer services are beyond reproach. The objective is to
promote good health. The actions steps to ensure that the facility is a good place for a patient to
be is to have sound management skills. This entails understanding the requirements to ensure the
project is on track. Time should be provided for every task to ensure that all the things required
are completed within the required time.

The facility must also be conducive for working. Workers have the right to work in a
good environment to increase their morale and to motivate those (Baylina & Moreira, 2012). The
goal is to make the facility good to work at and to enhance quality. Objective is to improve
morale and motivation of employees. Action steps are to provide good leadership to ensure that
an environment is conducive and terms of service of workers are improved. This will be done
within a certain time frame to ensure that it is well implemented and becomes successful.
The facility should also be profitable. Goals of ensuring that it is profitable are to ensure
that it continues to provide services through the financial support, objectives is to improve the
services provided. Action plan will include, providing better services to attract many clients to
the facility. This will have to take timeframe of 1 year. In this time frame the facility will provide
quality services to attract many clients and at the same time become profitable.
In conclusion, in achieving these objectives and goals, it will require scanning through
observation and coming up with an idea. The first week is about thinking how to manage the
crisis, leading to short-term actions, which requires tactical and strategic thinking.



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