Health Promotion Practice

Review the topic materials and provide a real-world example of the appropriate use of
systems thinking approach and the appropriate use of strategic planning approach.
Explain why the two approaches are not interchangeable. Include a review of the
similarities and differences between the two approaches in your discussion. In replies to
peers, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the examples provided as illustrative
of each approach, and justify the response using the topic materials.

Appropriate Use of Systems and Approaches

A good world example of a system thinking approach is when the Supreme Court or
United States judicial system uses the checks and balances process to assess the
consequences of an enacted law. The judiciary uses the systems to look at the Federalist
papers and the dialogue between the different parties and if the law upholds the rights of
citizens. If it breaches the rights of citizens, it is declared null and void. Hence, this keeps the
legislature and executive on the check. A strategic planning approach, on the other hand, is
applied when an organization a company like Amazon creates a structure, framework, and
governance in which they will achieve their objectives and goals. For example, the company
has a good structure, through vision and mission statements and core values. It has the
framework through operational excellence and lastly governance through team leaders and
supervisors, leading every department to ensure excellence.
The two approaches cannot be interchanged because when it comes to system
thinking it is used for research especially in medicine, politics, environment,t, and education
to ascertain the effects of the results and ensure balancing of the process, whereas in strategic
planning approach is mostly used in the decision-making process by organizations about the
formulation of its objectives and implementation plans particularly in the allocation of
resources and support systems.
The two approaches are similar because they both help a person or an institution get a
better way of handling a complex situation. However, they are different because the thinking


approach is used in explaining why, when, and what led to a certain event. In contrast,
strategic planning focuses on how to achieve an event.


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