Health Promotion

What does Health Promotion mean to you?
The paper must include all of the follow: How do you define health promotion? Should
everyone be offered health promotion? How do you measure successful health promotion?
What is the difference between health promotion and health education? All reference used
cannot be older then 5 years old

Health Promotion

Health Promotion is a model of improving health to the people through sensitizing the
general public on the necessity of taking control of their health. Health promotion is reflected
in the eyes of a public policy as pertaining to housing, income, employment, security of food
and on working conditions that are safe (O’Donnell, 2013). Health policies are reflected in
public policy as a way of enhancing health to people in the world. Governments and officials
in public health have been concerned on issues pertaining to health promotion within
specified jurisdictions.
Health promotion should be offered to all people within nations since it is a process of
sensitizing the general public in magnifying their control on health and at the same time in
improving the overall health of all the humans in the face of the earth (Soler et al, 2010).
Health promotion focuses more on individual behaviors to environmental and social
interventions. Strategies relating to health promotions are neither limited to specified
behaviors nor to specific problems in health (O’Donnell, 2013). Health promotions are
concerned on strategies and principles that promote health to diverse diseases, population
groups, risk factors and diverse settings. Health promotions in most cases are directed at
community development, education, regulations and legislations, and in policy development.
Success of health promotion is measured in a number of ways, it has been noted that
health promotions are measured in accordance to the impacts that influence improved

lifestyles and in diversified health outcomes that are individualized (Soler et al, 2010); since
health promotions are responsible in reducing the burdens of diseases to the human
populations. Health promotions have intended effects basing on the expected changes in
individuals, populations and in the environment (Simons-Morton et al, 2011). Health
education is a profession with the intentions of educating the population on issues of health
with emphasis on physical health, environmental health, social health, intellectual health,
emotional health and on spiritual health; although to some extent health promotions and
health education interrelate.



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