Health needs assessment

Journal Entry 1
In a health needs assessment, public health experts will review several components
including clinical services, control strategies, support services, and funding. Compose a
journal entry in which you evaluate how you would gather information for each of these
components. At the end, describe how you would discern a need based on this information.
Journal Entry 2
Visit the’s website at: and
search for the podcast tutorial titled “Global Health 101.” Watch the podcast, then in a
journal entry describe (in at least 150 words) what you have learned from this presentation
and how it links to your current understanding of public health. Cite your sources.
Journal number one should be 200 words, journal number 2 is 150 words

3 Journal Entry 1

Needs analysis requires health professionals to review information pertaining to the
patients such as clinical services, support services, control strategies, and funding among many
others (Tregoning, 2014). This journal delineates on information gathering for each of the
Information on clinical services will be gathered from various clinical officers and heads
of the departments through interviews. Furthermore, information will be retrieved from the
patients on the services they get from the facility.
Information on support services will be gathered from the relevant heads of department
in the facility. The information will be collected through interviews. This information will also
be retrieved from the facilities organizational structure, which will help to determine whether
such services are provided.

Information on control strategies will be obtained from the interview with the relevant
personnel in charge of control. Through the interviews, it will be possible to analyze the ways in
which the facility has successfully managed to deal with controls.
Information on funding will also be collected by analyzing the needs of the facility. The
financial capability of patients is gathered through discussions or interviews with the concerned
parties (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2014). This information helps a health
practitioner to take appropriate decisions since the facts are known.

Lessons for the podcast “Global Health 101”
The podcast provides an array of information concerning public health on a global platform.
Through the podcast, I have learned about different aspects such as measurement, principles, and
heath development. Health is affected by various aspects such as education, economy, and
poverty. Cross cultural aspects in global health should also be considered by the practitioners.
Rights, ethics, and culture are important aspects in healthcare (Henry Kaiser Family Foundation,
2014). People and health professionals should work together in ensuring that better health is
provided. Therefore, the podcast substantiates my understanding of public health in ensuring that
better health is provided. It is the responsibility of the society to work together to prevent some
of the diseases that are a burden across the globe.



Henry Kaiser Family Foundation. (2014). Archived Tutorials.