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Health Information Management

Health Information Management

Assignment: Identification process of specific information for data requests.
Scenario: Surgical Director asks you “How many patients were admitted in the past year
that had complications from hernia repairs?”
What types of things/indicators would you consider to answer the question? Prepare slide
deck to answer the above question.


  1. Be aware as to how the question is worded by the Surgical Director.

Health Information Management

The identification process for specific information for data request necessitates adherence to a
series of steps and a procedure that facilitates the inclusion of the particular details describing the
subject. The essence of the data subject access request (DSAR) procedure entails enabling an
organization to respond correctly and efficiently to requests for specific information regarding an
individual or group based on a common characteristic (Greenall, 2018). For instance, the data
subject request from a surgical doctor on the number of patient admitted in the past year that had
complications from hernia repair would involve adheres to a procedure that targets the targeted
population based on the common characteristic of hernia replacement over the past year. The
various steps in this procedure include, once the request is received, it should be forwarded to the
data protection officer or the individual/team that deals with DSARs. However, these logs should
be maintained to provide a well-detailed audit trail.
Subsequently, upon receipt of the request, the access to the necessary information would
involve consideration of indicators such as the reference number, title for the request, data

subject name, verified data subject from supplied ID, request insertion date, additional notes, and
delivery method for the response (Greenall, 2018). As such, the specific indicators based on the
surgical director’s request would further involve the number of patients admitted throughout the
year. This information would target the number of people who were hospitalized in the course of
the year following complications from hernia replacement. Therefore, the request would indicate
the reference number, the specific title for the request, the date, and the names of the patients
admitted over the past year for complications related to hernia replacement. These would be
coupled with the patient’s demographical details, the various reasons cited during the admission,
the condition of the patient, and family members present.

Greenall, B. (2018, June 22). How to respond to a data subject access request.

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