Health Care Technology and Health Care Trends

Assignment 2: Health Care Technology and Health Care Trends
Due Week 4 and worth 150 points
Part I. Develop a graphical taxonomy of the different health care technologies using
Microsoft Excel. The taxonomy should include information on the following:

  1. Type of health care technology.
  2. Brief discussion regarding how each technology contributes to the health care system in
    the US when applicable.
  3. Assess how each medical technology type affects or affected clinicians and organizations.
    Part II. Provide a 75-100 word response to the following questions:
  4. Discuss trend that have directly impacted the U.S. population and health care over the
    last 50 years. Provide specific details.
  5. Determine one (1) important factor that has had the greatest impact on the health care
    utilization pattern

Health Care Technology and Health Care Trends

Part I
Kindly find this part in the attached MS Excel file.

Part II
Question Four
Family planning is undoubtedly the trend which has to a greater extent directly impacted on the
U.S. population and health care over the last 50 years because it has led to continued decrease in
the population which at the same time resulting to improved health care delivery.
Question Five

The single most important factor that has influenced the health care utilization pattern in the U.S.
has been the development of health care programs that have been opening up health care services
to many people who were unable to access it previously such as Medicare, Medicaid and the
recently launched Obamacare health care program.


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