Have you gone to an aquarium and/or museum with a fish exhibit?

Have you gone to an aquarium and/or museum with a fish exhibit? (15 points)
If not, then find a website for an aquarium with a fish exhibit.
Pick an organism or fish from that exhibit that you would like to post about
Check and double-check that your aquarium and organism have not already been posted in another student’s post. You can post from the same aquarium, but with different organisms.
Then you MUST use your Canvas Inbox to send the instructor an email request for approval of your topic. Do not post until you receive confirmation that your topic has been approved
Once your topic has been approved, put the name of the aquarium and your organism at the top of your post.
Write up a short paragraph on an organism you recently saw in person. Include the name of the aquarium, the organism you saw, the color, its size/shape, etc. Write a short paragraph on its size, shape, what it eats, what part of the ocean it lives in, etc. (35 points)
Do an internet search on your studied organism and see if you can find a website with pertinent information. Include the link to your post and discuss your findings among your online classmates. (20 points)
Note: Your website cannot be Wikipedia or a ‘dot.com. Instead, use ‘dot.edu’ or ‘dot.gov.’
Sources: https://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals/animals-a-to-z/black-sea-nettle