Goal , and the Outcomes.

Plsease number the interventions , Goal , and the Outcomes.
Please give one nursing diagnosis that will relate to the interventions, Goal and the
Create a basic teaching plan for the client below. Include a nursing diagnosis, goal and
outcomes, and 3 interventions to help the client achieve the goal.
(Hint:The client should be able to reach achievment of expected outcomes based upon the
interventions chosen. For example, if only assessment is selected, the client will not have
received information to take home. Or, think of it this way, you can only do 3 interventions
with your client, only 3, what interventions would be most beneficial if you had to leave
immediately after the interventions were done?)
S.J. is a 25 year old client G1P0 at 24 weeks gestation. Her BMI is 22.9. She completed her
1 hour fasting glucose tolerance test and the levels indicated a need for the 3 hour glucose
tolerance test which was positive. The physician orders education regarding diet
modification and follow up in one week. The client states, “I understand what the physician
said about my health, I’m just not sure what I’m


Interventions due to a positive glucose tolerance test: it is important to refer the victim it
a nutritionist to advise her on the diet to use.


  1. In order to keep the blood sugar stable, one should take a lot of body exercises.
  2. Frequent antenatal appointments will also important.
  3. One should limit the carbohydrates though not eliminate them completely from the
    diet. This means that one should take an adequate amount of carbohydrates.
  4. Calories are highly needed in the diet
  5. Nutrients will be essential for the body.


  1. One should also take insulin injections (Perry et al., 2013).


  1. The body exercises helps in the normal and healthy functioning of the body
  2. Antenatal appointments will help in ensuring that that the condition of the mother
    and the child are stable
  3. Ensuring that only adequate carbohydrates are in the diet ensures that the mother
    has the appropriate weight.
  4. Calories and nutrients are needed for the healthy development of the mother and
    the child.
  5. Insulin injections ensure that the insulin levels in the body are regulated. One
    should see the doctor for the injections (Perry, Hockenberry, Lowdermilk &
    Wilson, 2013).


  1. The baby and the mother will be healthy throughout the pregnancy period
  2. The mother will not suffer from obesity.
  3. The pregnancy will remain intact
  4. The insulin level will be regulated due to the insulin injections.
    It is important to manage and monitor the blood glucose levels in the body because
    high glucose levels can affect the pregnancy. One should follow the instructions as the doctor has
    prescribed (Perry et al., 2013).




Perry, S. E., Hockenberry, M. J., Lowdermilk, D. L., & Wilson, D. (2013). Maternal child
nursing care. Elsevier Health Sciences.