Globalization involves several features, including governance structures,
communication, mobility, technology, and the environment. Based on the readings for this
topic, identify two features of globalization that you think are the most important and
discuss one example for each as to how it influences health. Identify a health issue that was
not a global threat in the past but, due to changes in globalization, is now a global threat.
Discuss what countries might do to prepare for this emerging health threat considering the
issue of human rights in low-income and middle-income countries
Globalization has many features that can influence health outcomes. Two features of
globalization that are an important influence to health that I picked were the import/export
system Drug companies and governments now have the ability to ship drugs to remote
parts of the world affected by outbreaks of disease (Globalization 101, 2016). This is a huge
influence on health outcomes. The import and export allow for drugs and treatments to
reach areas of the world who otherwise may not have any access to healthcare. It allows
those communities to receive lifesaving medication in some cases who may not be able to
seek treatments due to living in a rural area. Urbanization is another feature that I feel
affects health outcomes. Most of the world’s populations live in urban settings which means
there are more people in a dense area. This population growth is therefore of particular
concern because potential public health problems tend to be exacerbated by poverty in
developing countries (Globalization 101, 2016). This can have a negative impact on health
outcomes. These urban areas can be in places where their healthcare systems are the
weakest or there aren’t any healthcare resources at all. Heavy populations can create
increased numbers of disease outbreaks and without proper healthcare available can cause
a high number in deaths for the community. A global threat that was not a threat is easy to
name, COVID. It started in Wuhan, China and because of globalization has now become a
global pandemic. A major human rights issue that surface quite often since COVID has
arrived is the right to liberty and freedom. So many people are complaining about their
freedom’s rights being stepped on due to the quarantine protocols. I feel like more
education needs to be distributed concerning the health issues. It seems since this threat has
hit that no one really knows anything, and even things that we as medical professionals
once thought to be safe practice is not being stepped on. Low- and middle-income countries
should all have the right to have safe, adequate accessible health care available to their
areas during this threat.
How Does Globalization Relate to Health. (2016).

Reply to
Hi Claudia,
Your arguments on the features of globalization are concrete and factual. The issue of
import/export system drugs has helped channel medicines and other health equipment to remote
areas where there is an outbreak of diseases(“Globalization, Englishes, global English, and
features of Nepalese English,” 2019). Besides, sharing ideas stands out as one of the most
important features of globalization. This concept of sharing ideas globally is basic more,
especially in the health care system. Globalization has remained an excellent accelerator for this
feature globally; nurses and other health professionals can move and shade knowledge and ideas
on the health field hence sharpening one’s competencies and skills.
Secondly, raising standards is another outstanding feature under globalization. This has
initiated an increase in the integrity and measures of products in the global market (Teodoro,
2016). This has also improved the quality of life itself since healthcare facilities such as medicine
are of the required standards. Through this initiative of raising the standards of almost
everything, people from different countries can now discern how others live and adapt good
ideas and ideals. This way, citizens in different countries can also demand an increase in their
living standards. By so doing, the health standards of people have improved substantially.
Finally, I can argue that COVID- 19 was not a health issue, but due to globalization, it is now a
threat globally (“Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) | Addressing the impacts of COVID-19
in food crises,” 2020,). Countries should now put their heads together lead by their heads of
states and guided by experts to forge a new norm I dealing with this pandemic.


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