Foundation of Nursing Practice

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Assignment Title: Foundations of Nursing Practice

A reflection on how the module Foundation of Nursing practice content and associated practice experience has contributed to the my student development as a nurse ( 2500 words)

Assignment Guidelines

My reflective essay will need to demonstrate that i have met the four learning outcomes of the module, and that you can apply what you have learnt to your practice experience. This will require you to choose I patient from practice as a focus for your assignment. Wherever possible you should select a positive experience to explore.

My placement was for 6 weeks at Community Matrons nurses team. It was my first placement ever, as I am first year Adult Nurse student at university.

Learning outcomes 1-4 require me to:

1. Discuss the concept of individualised care and its relevance to nursing assessment and care delivery. In order to meet this learning outcome I will need to have read literature about the nursing process and nursing assessment and demonstrate my understand the theoretical basis of how individualised care should/ could be assessed, planed and delivered to patients.

Then need to link it what I have read with what I have experienced in practice in relation to nursing assessment and care delivery at Community matrons team.

TO achieve this outcome I need to discuss the nursing process, specifically ASSESSMENT, PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION and EVALUATION and relate these to individualised care. There should be theoretical aspects incorporated into the discussion illustrated by PRACTICE EXAMPLES

2. Articulate the ethical and professional issues that impact on nursing

In order to meet this learning outcome I will need to have read and understood the NMC CODE of Conduct that guides nursing practice. I MUST SELECT at list ONE aspect of the code AND DISCUSS and apply to MY PATIENT MRS X. Which one I choose from my placement. For example, it may be issues around confidentiality or consent, or concerned with issues of respect and dignity.

HERE I need to select a professional or ethical aspect of NMC CODE OF CONDUCT 2008, for example consent and demonstrate your knowledge and underst. of this concept through discussion. This should also be related to my chose patient like mrs X.

3. Explore models of communication and development of the therapeutic relationship between me as nurse and the patient; and

In order to meet this learning outcome I will need to have read and understood some of the literature on communication and interpersonal skills. I will need to use what I have read to explain how I responded to and communicated with the patient and how I and my mentor went about developing a therapeutic relationship with them. What is a therapeutic relationship? how did my communication with my patient mrs X and how did this influence my relationship?

4. Explore the organisation and delivery of care in the practice environment.

In order to meet this outcome I will need to read and understood some of the literature on the organisation of care BUT ONLY UK; for example task allocation or team working and discuss how the way care was organised and delivered impacted on the patient experience. For exsample did the way care was organised minimise the number of nurses involved in care delivery to my patient? ( which I was choose above as mrs. X). How often did the patient have to repeat info to different health care professionals?

This outcome requerd discussion of various ways in which care is organised I.e. task allocation, primary nursing, team nursing ect. Then I should discuss the organisation of care in my community nurses placement and how this impacts on care delivery, with EXAMPLES