Forces That Shape Healthcare

Program and University Benchmark: Societal Trends in Nursing and Patient Education
1) Select a societal trend that is affecting curriculum in nursing or patient education.
(Selects a historically relevant, currently hot-button societal trend affecting nursing or
patient education)
2) In a paper of 1,000-1,250 words, describe how the selected societal trend affects nursing
or patient education. (Clearly & comprehensively describes selected trend affecting nursing
or patient education and addresses the significance of selected trend)
3) Relate the issue to appropriate professional standards and competencies. (Clearly relates
issue to appropriate professional standards and competencies)
4) Explore strategies to enhance the positive impact or minimize the negative impact of the
selected issue.( Thoroughly explores strategies to enhance the positive impact or minimize
the negative impact of the selected issue)
5) Use at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed resources less than 5 years old in addition to
the course materials.( Excellent selection of sufficient & relevant literature (less than 5
years old) at least 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed references used – other than course materials)
Uses evidence-based sources when available)
6) You may also use, as a resource, the “Windshield Survey: Neighborhood #1” and
“Windshield Survey: Neighborhood #2” These videos depict the disparity of resources
among two communities. As you watch the videos consider how this disparity affects
nursing and/or patient education.
7) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines .An abstract is required.

Forces That Shape Healthcare
Background Information

The changing trends in the society concerning various things have greatly affected
various aspects of life. Among the things that have been affected is education and its systems.
This changing trends in the education system, have also affected the health care sector and its
education system .Among the affected sector is the patient education. Over years, the education
level among patents has been improving at a drastic speed. Hence, it is posing a great challenge
both to the nursing fraternity and those charged with the responsibility of taking care of patients.
There are several trends that are affecting patient education in the world. Some of these
trends are historical while others are contemporary /modern trends. This paper seeks to address

some of this trends that have greatly affected patient education. Over the past decade, the world
has been experiencing a significant change in social demographic, cultural, and economic
composition. As a result of this trend there has been various issues that have developed and
among them
Patient –centered care: (engagement, safety and privacy trend)
As the world continues to become more knowledgeable ,so are the patient who are
being admitted in hospitals or who are under home care .The world is witnessing arise in
patients who are more knowledgeable about health promotions ,disease care and the impact of
careless /poor care of those who are sick (Melosh, 2009). Most patient have become more
knowledgeable about their rights as patients hence this is posing a great challenge to the medical
practitioners and especially nurses who are taking care of them. For example in the United state
the 2002 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has given a mandate
that outlines the protection of an individual ‘s privacy by the health care providers (Melosh,
2009). This act has enlightened and protected most patients hence this has gone a long way to
reduce some of the careless and harmful practices that were being practiced by medical
practitioners /nurses (Melosh, 2009). Hence in accordance with the professional standards and
competence of registered nurses ,the nurses who are handling patients should do so by
practicing within professional ethical nursing framework that states that a nurse should
advocate for groups or individuals when their rights are overlooked and compromised
(Stewart, 2010). Under the same regulations, the nurses should undertake assessment which is
sensitive to the needs of the patients and this can be done by recognizing the rights of patients.
Also under this regulation it is important for the nurses to maintain privacy when handling
patients (Montag, 2011).

Access to the internet by most people has enabled most patients to access information
concerning health matters from the internet resources that are sponsored by the government,
private sectors and even the health activists who keep posting health issues and events. As a
result of the access to the internet and health site, patients are now able to make informed
decisions concerning their health and what they want to do with their health (Tanner, 2011).
Hence in line with the nursing regulation and competency ,the nurses have responsibly to
“integrate organizational policies and guidelines with professional standards “under this
regulation it is important for the nurses to maintain current knowledge of and incorporate the
relevant professional standards into practice (Stewart, 2010). Also it is important for the
nurses to demonstrate proper awareness and understanding of any development in the nursing
field that may have an impact on the individual ability to practice nursing whenever they come
in conduct with knowledgeable patients. Under the same law it is important for the nurses to
ensure individual health wellbeing in relation to being fit for practice. Under the same act it is
important for the nurse to seek clarification when there are questions that are unclear or un
understood. Under this regulation it is important for the nurses to seek additional information
when confronted with difficulty situation.
Another issue that is emerging in patient education is that other patients are not aware of
the importance of medically tested drugs and as a result other patients are resulting to traditional
medicines like herbs and acupuncture (Montag, 2011). This is because the patients safety has
been compromised by dishonest nurses and other medical practitioner hence it has become
relevant for most patient to discern for more knowledge concerning their care. According to
the nursing regulations and competency, it is important for the nurses to “understand and practice
within own scope of practice” rather than being dishonest by handling information that is beyond
them. This can be achieved by consulting the relevant members of the health care team when

they require more information to issue affecting the patients. Also by clarifying questions and
interventions which may seem inappropriate with relevant members of the health team
In order for the nurses to be able to handle the ever growing number of patients who
understand what they want ,and also who understand their rights, it is important for them to be
up to date with the major legal changes in the health sector . This will ensure that at no single
time is there a conflict between the patient and the nurse concerning their rights (Stewart, 2010).
It is also important for the nurses to create a personal relationship with patients so as to be able
to understand what the patient wants and also know how much the patient understands about his
condition (Tanner, 2013).
It is also important for the nursing fraternity to improve on their knowledge by
undertaking constant research on the internet so as to discover the changes that are happening in
terms of patient handling, changes in the health care acts, and even on how to handle patients of
different nature (Stewart, 2010) . It is important for hospitals and even training institutes to
invest more in internet provision services and even research services that may lead to
expanded knowledge among the nurses who are constantly facing patients who are more
knowledgeable than them. Moreover, it is important for the nurses to learn to be honest with their
patients rather than undertaking to be dishonest by providing wrong information to the patients.
This can be achieved by the nurses creating a good personal relationship with the patients this
will assist the patient be open with the nurse hence there will be a flow of information.
Undertaking to understand then health care act, and the nursing regulation it is the
clearest way of the nurses in addressing the raising level of patients who understand their rights
and even have more medical knowledge than the nurses. It is also important for the nurses to

undertake constant review in their knowledge and this can be easily achieved through constant
research which is easily available on the internet and also in laboratories.


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