For this assignment, you will select 1 plyometric exercise to add to each workou

For this assignment, you will select 1 plyometric exercise to add to each workout. You will have to add cells to your spreadsheet by copying and inserting rows that you’ve already formatted.
The plyometric exercise will be performed first, so you should place these cells above all other exercises (except for any cells that contain warm up exercises).
Examples of plyometric exercises are jumps (2 legs), hops (1 leg, land on same leg), bounds (1 leg, land on opposite leg), and medicine ball throws (chest passes, slams, rotational throws).
Research plyometric exercises for your sport, or choose exercises that you’ve located in example programs from previous assignments.
Again, choose a different plyometric exercise for each workout day (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3). So you need 3 exercises per phase. You may choose to keep the exercises the same for all three phases.
Picking exercises will be the easy part. The challenge for you is to select the correct number of total reps per workout and correctly progress the number of reps each week.
Please refer to table 18.4 in your text for recommended workout volumes for plyometrics AND CUT THOSE NUMBERS IN HALF (since you will be performing plyos with resistance training in the same workout) to prescribe the number of total reps per workout.
For your assignment, submit you updated Excel workbook (all 3 sheets) with the plyometric training added.
the file attached is the previous worksheet