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Federal funding versus private funding for public health programs.

Compare and contrast federal funding versus private funding for public health programs.
Present an example of an intervention funded with private funding, and an example funded
with public funding


Federal funding versus private funding.

Concerning the funding cycle, most organizations have board meetings at least once or
twice a year. It is at that point that they make decisions in broad strokes as to what it is they
intend to fund. This is important because most healthcare organizations will publish a strategy
document that outlines all their objectives as well as their plans for the year. When public health
is financed through federal/ public funding, funding is done through a mixture of incidence or
prevalence based formulas, population-based grants initiatives as well as a series of grants that
are competitive.
Federal funding is in sharp contrast to private financing in a few aspects. These are in the
form of the necessary authorizations and limits, the varying eligibility levels as well as the fact
that eligibility does not necessarily elicit applications. Congress holds the power to authorize and
appropriate the necessary funds for use by a federal agency. At CDC, the office of grants
services is responsible for implementing the organization’s grants and cooperative agreements.
These grants provide the necessary funding for various public health programs and research
which are critical for the advancement of the agency’s health mission. An example of an
intervention funded from private financing would be the Melinda and Bill gates foundation. They
as a foundation are responsible for financing of a majority of its grants to the U.S healthcare

industry and other nations across the world. (BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION,


OPPORTUNITIES. Retrieved from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

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