Ethics case study

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Ethics Assignment — Systematic reflective essay Select one

(only) of the cases below for your assignment.

Case 1

Ralph is the CNC of a surgical ward and has called you into a meeting

to review the routine practice of storing patient charts (i.e. nursing

plans, observations and medication charts) at the end of the patient’s

bed. You are a second year nursing student studying ethics and so he

values your input. The day before the meeting you are putting together

an ethical analysis of the practice.

How would you decide what to do? What would you do if you were in

Ralph’s position? Explain your reasons in reference to the Code of

Ethics for Nurses, consequences and relevant ethical principles.

Case 2

Sammy Mill is an RN working in a GP clinic with five general

practitioners and two other RNs. Sammy is reviewing and redressing

Margaret’s chronic leg wound. Margaret is a regular client who has

cerebral palsy, lives alone and works 3 days a week for an IT firm. It

is 18:00 and all other staff have left. There are no other clients in

the waiting room. In casual conversation Sammy says that he is now

‘finished work for the day and is starving’. Margaret who is

underweight and typically hates eating alone, invites Sammy to join

her in a quick meal at the local café. The clinic has no fixed policy

on the matter.

Are there any conflicting ethical values here? What would you do if

you were in Sammy’s position? Explain your reasons in reference to the

Code of Ethics for Nurses, consequences and relevant ethical


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