Describe at least three different professions or occupations in public health and their
impact on the health of populations. What public health profession, role, or
occupation do you envision for yourself? Why?

Epidemiology is one of the occupations in public health. Epidemiology is concerned
about the establishment of the patterns, and causes of various conditions. Epidemiology is
concerned about data collection on specific public health issues and measures taken to mitigate
the identified healthcare problems. Epidemiologists study the association between relevant
factors and the health of groups of people. Epidemiology impacts on the health of the people
through research. Epidemiology avails data that is useful in establishing evidence-based public
health practice. Epidemiology identifies the priority public health issues that benefit the health of
the people. Epidemiology is, therefore, used as the basis for prioritizing the public health needs
of the people (Berkman, Kawachi, & Glymour, 2014).
Emergency preparedness is another field of public health. Emergency response public
health professionals coordinate the activities of healthcare provided to victims of disasters. The
field is concerned with the coordination of activities of various team members during a response
to disasters. The emergency response team is composed of police officers, paramedics, and
healthcare providers. Emergency response public health professionals mobilize the resources
available for each of the team members in an integrated manner. Emergency response public
health occupation programs aim at providing services in a manner that is in alignment with the
established laws, rules, and regulation. Emergency response is beneficial to the health of
communities in several ways (Murthy, Molinari, LeBlanc, Vagi, & Avchen, 2017). Emergency

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response public health activities are essential in preventing injuries and other adverse health
impacts on the victims of disasters. The activities carried out by emergency response public
health officers promote the health of the people.
Occupational health specialists inspect work environments, conditions, and processes for
compliance with the set standards on workers’ safety. Occupational health promotes the health of
the people by ensuring that workers are out the danger of health hazards within the working
place (Gostin, & Wiley, 2016).
I envision myself as an epidemiologist. I am interested in research in public health and
epidemiology involves research on the causes of healthcare conditions within a given population.

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