Empirical Research Identification


Part 1 : Empirical Article Selection

Locate three empirical articles related to your PICOT question that meet all the criteria found on the “Empirical Research Checklist” provided in the resource in the attach word document.

Part 2: Research Article Chart 

Using the articles acquired in Part 1, provide a summary review of each component using the “Research Article Chart” template provided in the attach word document

Included a reference page at the end.

The writer will respond to all questions in the research article check list for the 3 articles to be located as noted in the checklist. The writer will use in text citations where necessary and create a reference page at the end of the template. 


The purpose of this assignment is to understand the usefulness of evidence and the support it provides when answering a PICOT question. Details for the asssignment 1.docx contains the instructions.

In the attachment it has some information and a template at the end that will be use in completing the assignment, so the writer will locate 3 articles as noted in the assignment and will use in completing the assignment.

Please let the writer read the details before engaging in the paper because I don’t really have that much time for revision just in case he miss something.

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