Effects of climate change on global weather patterns

How are global weather patterns affected by climate change? Discuss one other
consequences of climate change. Describe at least one current environmental health
problem that will likely be exacerbated by climate change. What types of policymakers
should be involved, and at what levels (local, regional, international), to consider the issue
and provide intervention strategies?

Effects of climate change on global weather patterns
Climate changes around the world affect global weather patterns in different ways, for
example, climatic conditions that change can cause instability on the temperatures of the earth’s
surface. This occurs during global warming where there is an imbalance on the earth’s energy.
During this time, the temperatures change and the rain and sun patterns can be affected. When
temperatures change, there can be prolonged rains or sunny days that are not expected
(Myclimate). For instance, a drop in temperatures will result in rains during the months when hot
days are expected. On the other hand, we can experience prolonged rain or shorter rain s when
temperatures rise.
One other consequence of climate change
One significant consequence of climate change is global warming. Global warming is a
climate change that is caused by human activities and the gradual heating of the atmosphere,
oceans and the earth’s surface (Bradford, 2017). One of the key effects of global warming is the
melting of the ice at the polar ice caps of the earth. Another significant effect of global warming
that is taking effect in real-time is the extreme temperatures that have continued to increase in


different parts of the world. This has consequences on animal migration and various human
activities (Bradford, 2017).
Current environmental health problem associated with climate change
One of the environmental health problems associated with climate change is respiratory
problems. this problem is more likely to have a significant effect on people on the northern
latitude because they have difficulties coping with high temperatures (EPA, 2017).
The policymaking process for issues revolving around climate change should involve
several policymakers. These policymakers should include but not limited to health professionals,
environmentalists, financial professionals, and the government. They should be involved at the
international, regional and local levels.




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