Discovering psychology

Besides the class texts, you may also use any additional texts or websites that you think will
help you to answer the questions well. Please make sure to cite any and all information
including that from the text and from outside texts. In other words, if you get the
information from a text or website, make sure to cite it, and if taken directly from another
source you must appropriately quote the source.
Each answer should be no longer than 1.5 double-spaced, typed pages in 12-point font.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concern.

  1. Apparently Barak Obama heard that you were taking this course, because he just called
    you and confided in you that in spite of his apparent calm general outward appearance, his
    job is EXTREMELY stressful. He noticed that most of his predecessors aged considerably
    fast during their time in the White House. He suspects that playing basketball daily will not
    be enough to cope. He wants your advice on what he should do to cope with the stress of
    being President. Serve your country. Tell him what he should do. Use additional sources
    besides the course text.
  2. Tim and Miranda are having trouble in their relationship. Miranda feels that Tim does
    not listen to how she feels, and that he gets angry and abusive about lots of small things.
    Tim feels that Miranda is over-sensitive, lacks self-confidence, and always seems depressed
    when he comes home from work. just when he is tired and hoping for some positive energy.
    Both have expressed that they are committed to each other and want to stay together.
    Miranda suggests that they go for counseling/therapy, either separately or together. Tim is
    your friend. Although he himself has never been to counseling, he tells you that he does not
    think therapy ever does any good. He sees it as just a lot of talking that leads nowhere.
    Since you are a student of psychology, he asks you what you think about the subject of the
    effectiveness of therapy. What is your answer?
  3. Think back and recall your earliest memory (no past lives, please!). Explain the memory
    processes through which you probably acquired this memory. Assuming that this memory
    has been somewhat altered over time, explain how the alteration might have occurred too.
  4. Applying the principles of learning and conditioning, explain how you would train a
    tiger in a circus to jump through a flaming hoop.
    Applied Analysis paper

Many other people in different roles experience situation that Obama is in. Understanding
the best strategies to effectively cope with stress is important for any individual in management
and leadership programs. Apart from engaging in basket ball, Obama can also use other coping
strategies such as third party support coping, relaxation coping strategies and cognitive
restructuring coping (Devi, 2012). He can seek the services of other people like the former
presidents and talk to them on how he can manage his stress. He can also approach psychologists

to counsel and guide him on the best ways of managing stress. Another strategy is for him to
create some time to relax with his family members. This will help him get refreshed. He can also
restructure his mental abilities and thinking by disengaging his minds on the things before him.
This will allow him to relax and find appropriate way of addressing such issues and in the
process mange his stress.
Question two
Tim and Miranda problem can be solved if they seek counseling services. They are faced
with misunderstandings resolvable through therapy to enable them move on with their
relationship in a comfortable way (Hockenbury & Sandra, 2011). I do recognize the benefits that
therapy has and potential in helping conflicting parties or parties stressed to come together again.
If a professional person provides therapy, it helps parties to vent by talking about their problems
and then helping them understand their s lapses. It therefore is essential in reunifying parties as
the issues that affects them are analyzed, discussed and amicable solution is provided.
Question three
The earliest memory I have is the killing of my friend Andrew. Memory process, which
helped me to recall the event, includes having the ability to encode information, store
information and recall the information (The Human Memory, 2013). As the killing happened,
my memory was able to take in the information as it happened, this was then permanently
imprinted which allowed me to remember the scenario and how it all happened. There is a
possibility for the memory to be altered leading to distortion of the information recalled about
the event. The alteration might have occurred because of the period. If the period this occurred is

long, it also affects the recollection process. Other factors include, mental lapses, experience to
more several similar incidences among others.
Question four
Various theories and concepts of learning are advanced. The theory aims to explain how
learning takes place (Wells, 2007). Important concept that has been postulated to support
learning behaviors is conditioning. A tiger in a circus can be trained on how to jump through
flaming hoop through various mechanisms. One of the appropriate mechanism or strategy is
employment of principles of conditioning. To achieve this, a piece of meat will be used. The
tiger will be denied food for some time. The piece of meat will them be placed on the other side
of the hoop. A bell will be rung and the tiger will be released every after the bell is rung. The
tiger will develop the habit and every time the bell rings, it will be expecting some meat and this
will make it to jump over the hoop. This will help the tiger to learn how to jump over the flaming
hoop. This should be done within few minutes to ensure that it becomes repetitive. Through
these, the tiger will be able to develop certain behaviors which if triggered by the meat and the
ringing of the bell.


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