Developing My Own Philosophy of Nursing

Developing your own Philosophy of Nursing
As you are starting your nursing formation, you should be developing your own personal
philosophy of nursing. Your philosophy will reflect your values and ideals, and will likely
expand as you progress through your coursework and begin your career. It is not a
complex task. You will ask yourself some very basic questions such as “What is nursing?”
and “Why do I practice nursing the way I do?”
Below is an example of one nurse’s philosophy (Black, 2014)
? I believe that the essence of nursing is caring about and caring for all human beings who
are unable to care for themselves.

My own health

Developing My Own Philosophy of Nursing

I choose nursing as a profession because nursing is all about caring and helping people.
I believe that a profession that is all about helping, caring for and about other human beings is
ideal for me (Black, 2014). I also believe that nursing is a calling and one has to be willing to
provide necessary care to the patients. Therefore, I am accountable as an individual for failing
to provide the care that is needed and for lacking the will to provide the care in the appropriate
required manner.
I believe that the core of nursing is the relationship between the patient and care
provider. I believe the care provided to the patient coupled up with a good patient-nurse
relationship would go a long way to aiding the fast recovery of a patient (Black, 2014). I
acknowledge that the physical as well as the emotional well-being of the patient are as
important in the recovery process. I know that a patient would be happier to receive whole care
than the professional type offered by most nurses.
I believe that the main focus on nursing is on the patient. A nurse is supposed to be as
professional as well as humane to patient as one can be (Black, 2014). I also believe that a
nurse is supposed to focus on as fast as possible recovery of the patient. I also recognize that
the main focus being on the patient is of paramount importance to the nursing profession. My
vision for myself is that I would offer the best health care to the best of my ability.
To live out my philosophy as a nurse I must remember this about my patients, patient’s
families and my fellow healthcare professionals. That my main focus is my patient’s well-being
and ensuring that they recover as fast as possible (Black, 2014). Therefore, I must remember to

offer absolute and wholesome care to all my patients. Secondly, I must remember to be
respectful to the patient’s family and be helpful to my fellow healthcare professional by
cooperating with them efficiently.



Black, B. (2014). Professional nursing: concepts & challenges. Elsevier Health Sciences.