PICOT question development is important as it leads to consistent and systematic process for identification of critical elements of clinical issue being studied. Focusing on the 5 Key elements of PICOT development, a nurse is able to develop effective strategies that will bring out the best effective evidence. P stands for population, I stand for intervention being investigates, C is comparison, and O is the study outcome and T the study time frame (Terry, 2012).

In this study, the identified components of PICOT are as follows;

Population the study focuses on geriatric population in the orthopedic ward

The proposed intervention is hourly rounds 


the intervention is compared call light use


The proposed outcome is improved patient safety (prevents patient falls)


Project time frame is six months

The PICOT question/Statement is as follows;

In geriatric patients admitted in the orthopedic ward, is use hourly rounding’s (I) or call light use (C) more effective in improving patient safety, in six months (T)?


Terry, A. (2012). Clinical research for the doctor of nursing practice (1st ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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