Develop a 30-minute presentation, with detailed speaker notes, on Fibroids.

• Analyze the etiology, pathophysiology, and general clinical manifestation of symptoms of the disease based on relevant literature.

• Consider how age or overall health status might alter the normal clinical manifestation of the disease.

• Evaluate the patient’s overall social and medical history, clinical symptoms, and clinical assessment from the perspective of the previously cited literature.

• Evaluate the diagnostic work-up and clinical findings, including a rationale for each diagnostic test and expected findings, and recommend a diagnosis based on the findings.

• Develop a plan of care based on diagnosis, including age-appropriate modifications of proposed therapy and dose modifications based on clinical guidelines.

• Include medications, assistive therapies, and specific limitations of activities.

• Address any age-appropriate modifications of proposed therapy or dosage modifications.

• Analyze the potential complications of care and any possible side effects of medication based on literature that includes instructions for notification of the clinician.

• Create a patient education plan that shows understanding of the patient’s developmental age, sexuality, health literacy, socioeconomic status, cultural sensitivity, and health belief models.

• Analyze current condition and how it may relate to underlying health issues, the proposed plan of care, and possible side effects or complications.

• Include patient/family engagement in the plan of care using the teach-back method.

• Analyze how the principles of Watson’s theory of human caring are integrated into the plan of care and patient education.

Conclude the presentation with a question-and-answer session (8 to 10 questions and answers).

Prepare a one-page summary as a handout for the other students.

Reference needs to include UpToDate

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