Definition of organizational values

Prepare a 10-minute presentation (10-15 slides, not including title or reference
slide) on organizational culture and values.

Describe how alignment between the values of an organization and the values
of the nurse impact nurse engagement and patient outcomes.

Discuss how an individual can use effective communication techniques to
overcome workplace challenges, encourage collaboration across groups, and
promote effective problem-solving.

Identify a specific instance from your own professional experience in which the
values of the organization and the values of the individual nurses did or did not
align. Describe the impact this had on nurse engagement and patient outcomes.



Definition of organizational values

Expected behavior and habits of the workers in an
organisation and what compels them to act the way
they do.

Collective rational assumptions that directs how
people interpret their actions and judge what is the
appropriate behavior expected in different

How people behave in an organisation and what
makes them behave in that manner.

Organizational values alignment and
impact on nurses engagement

Organizational culture has effect on workers relationship
to each other and their interaction with the clients, in this
case the patients.

There are values that a nurse should have to be effective
in his/her work or nursing profession.

Thus, if the organizational culture and values are in
rhythm with personal values, a nurse will be motivated
to work hard. They will actually find the meaning in
their work. Otherwise, they will lack self drive and this
may affect their performance at work

Organizational Values that nurses
should have

Nursing leaders should be available to be consulted
by the rest of staff. This will set an example to the
rest of nursing staff and this will be reflected in how
nurses treat patients.

Remember culture and values are learnt from the
behavior and habit of others through mental
assumptions of what is right and expected of an

This culture of being available encourages team
work hence improving performance and

Organizational Values that nurses
should have cont’d

A culture of dedication and sacrifice.

Nurses should actually love their job. It is a job that
requires one to be so caring and dedicated in seeing
that patients are recovering and improving in their

This can be achieved if nurses feel motivated. The
management should encourage this by involving the
nurses in decision making rather than a “one man
show”. This will also go along to encourage
teamwork amongst all the workers.

Organizational values in nursing and
patient outcomes

When nurses embrace the organizational values of
caring, the patients will actually feel that they are
cared for and valued. They will stop focusing on
their illness and have a positive mindset about their
health. They will feel loved the way they are.

Such a positive thinking is one that can impact a lot
on patients getting well, thus improving such
patients’ outcomes.

Effective communication helps in
overcoming work challenges, enabling
team work and enhances problem

Effective communication enables us to understand a
situation or a challenge in a deeper way.

In addition, through effective communication, we
are able to better understand a person and in case
there was a conflict, we can easily resolve our

Effective communication helps in
overcoming work challenges, enabling
team work and enhances problem
solving cont’d

Once we have understood someone, we can resolve
our differences.

This creates a conducive work environment. We can
work better with someone who we have resolved
our issues than one who we hold grudges with.
Thus, effective communication creates an enabling
environment for teamwork.

Effective communication helps in
overcoming work challenges, enabling
team work and enhances problem
solving cont’d

With effective communication, we are able to build
trust with other workers and also respect one
another in our working environment.

This in turn creates a conducive environment where
we can share our innovative ideas and assist each
other in problem solving.

Thus, through effective communication, problem
solving is made easier because of the group rather
than doing it as an individual.

Personal Professional experience

In my nursing experience, I have worked in hospital
where organizational values and individual nurses
values align.

Majority of the nurses confessed that they liked the
team work and the dedication each nurse had to
their work.

Our management was such a listening one and we
could actually meet to discuss our issues and they
would pay attention to them. We could make
suggestions and they were implemented as found

Personal Professional experience cont’d

Most of the nurses I came across were people who
had developed a culture of caring for the patients.
Some would even go to an extra mile to pray with
the patient. I can actually refer this as a healing

Such values in this organisation matched so well
with the nurses’ values. These nurses were trained
in such a manner that they learnt and embraced fully
the organizational values in this hospital

Personal Professional experience cont’d

Such dedication, teamwork, caring heart and many
other organizational values aligned well with
individual nurses values. As a result, many patients
were encouraged and had a positive attitude towards
the hospital environment, nurses and all the staff.

This impacted a lot on their healing process while in
the hospital.

I can clearly say that such organizational and
individual nurse values which aligned influenced
positively on patients outcomes.


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