Curriculum Mapping

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Curriculum mapping is a technique or tool that allows faculty to see exactly what is being taught, how it is being taught, where it is being taught, and how, when, and where learning is being assessed. author Uchiyama and Radin, 2009, “Curriculum Mapping in Higher Education: A vehicle for Collaboration from Innovative Higher Education, volume 33, issue 4, pg 271-280 gives an excellent overview.

Imagine that you are a curriculum consultant and must sell the idea of curriculum mapping to a nursing faculty, although currently not a faculty member.

What are the potential benefits?

How might perceived obstacles be overcome?

Curriculum Mapping

Curricula mapping is a tool that has gained approval in many schools because of the benefits it has on the teachers as well as schools. This paper delineates on the potential benefits of the technique and ways of overcoming the barriers.

 There are a number of potential benefits of curriculum mapping for teachers and as well, as schools.  One of the benefits is that it allows alignment of curricula to the standards and assessment (Uchiyama & Radin, 2009). Teachers are able to understand what they are supposed to teach the students and how they should as well assess their students. It therefore, contributes to success of the students, as they understand what they are going to be taught and the modalities or how they are going to be assessed.

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 Curriculum mapping also helps to build the staff capacity for their continuous improvement.  When it is done in a systematic manner, it acts as a comprehensive professional development program (NJC, 2001). Teachers can identify their strengths and as well it promotes innovation in their curriculum as it assists them to identify those areas that require improvement. This technique also helps in development of relationships and as well enhances communication between the teachers and the parents. Teachers can share with the parents about what is happening in the classroom, school or in the district hence making them informed of what their children are learning.

 It also ensures effective use of resources effectively. As teachers analyze and take stock of their instructional strategies, they also are able to identify the best approaches to use resources effectively to improve student learning.

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 There are also some perceived obstacles of using these techniques such as costly and being not effective. These obstacles however can be overcome by bringing all the concerned parties together and taking them through some of its advantages.  Another way is to use the schools that have already adopted the technique and succeeded. This will help to reduce this perceived barrier and facilitate its adoption.

In conclusion, curriculum-mapping technique is important in fostering learning if well implemented. Schools and teachers as well as other stakeholders should therefore join hands to ensure that this technique succeeds as it improves learning.

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