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COVID-19 pandemic

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current situation from Global Health NOW or the United National Refugee Agency about
displaced people. Comment on the cause of the displacement, what international
governments and nongovernmental agencies are doing to serve the people physically and
mentally, and gaps that the faith-based community and churches could fill.

Golembiewski, K. (2020, June). Disaster Relief in the Face of COVID-19.

Response to Claudia DQ2

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic entails the latest disastrous event that has claimed
hundreds of thousands and further affected the welfare of millions in different parts of the world.

Its catastrophic scope is coupled with natural events and occurrences that continue to intensify
the adverse effects experienced by communities and individuals living within the highly
vulnerable areas. As such, international governments and non-governmental organizations have
extended their services to most of the affected areas through the provision of relief aimed at
supporting the physical and mental well-being of the people (Golembiewski, 2020).
Nevertheless, I concur with Claudia that Churches can take up the responsibility of providing the
necessary resources within the communities they serve. This way, they would facilitate the
access of relief to the displaced individuals and communities. At the same time, development
may occur by providing hope for better days and guidance to rebuild society regardless of the
effects. As a result, Claudia’s suggestions concerning health promotion and development within a
community highlight the link between relief and development. They advocate for collaborative
measures that seek to improve the welfare of the affected communities (Golembiewski, 2020).


Golembiewski, K. (2020, June 9). Disaster relief in the face of COVID-19.

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