Cover letter for nursing application

Write an introductory cover letter of no more than 500 words in which you explain your
professional objectives, professional interests, and strengths as an applicant.
Create a resume detailing your license(s), earned degree(s), certification(s), professional
experiences, previous positions held, membership in professional organizations,
publications, and skills.
Both the cover letter and resume should be formally written using a professionally
accepted format. for examples of approved formats; however, other
professional templates may be used.
Share your resume with a colleague and elicit their feedback. Revise your resume if
needed and submit the resume in the assignment section of the course.


Human resource manager,
City of Hope,
1500 E Duarte Rd, Duarte, California, CA 91010
+1 626-256-4673
Dear Mr. James Brown,
I am pleased to write to you today concerning my application for the nursing position
advertised on the City of Hope website, Ref/2016/03/5/NS. I believe my experience and
qualification makes me and perfect for this role. I have a Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree
and a Diploma is nursing and a proven track record and experience of over 9 years in real
managing of both staff and patients. I am calm, patient professional, and organized with
outstanding health care skills. I possess a passion to giving quality health care to cancer
patients, also in providing leadership to motivate the staff to providing high standard level
In my current role at the New York Metropolitan Cancer Treatment Centre, I am tasked with
creating care plans for cancer patients, supervising and mentoring junior nurses and carers,
and carrying administrative functions among other duties. During this time and my time at

the Washington General Hospital, I have been acknowledged as an ambitious, dedicated, and
reliable person with the ability to work without supervision.
In addition, my 9 years of experience have enable me to develop key nursing skills like
Patient Education, HIPPA Compliance, Chart Review, IV Medication, and Team Leader. I
have been recommended by the Washington General Hospital for proficiency in handling
difficult and critical patients and family members.
I seriously believe that a relationship with City of Hope would be mutually beneficial. I am
seeking a challenging and diverse environment to utilize my skills and experience to the
fullest. I look forward to hearing from you, and would love to expound on my experiences
and skills further over an interview. Please find more details on my work history in the
attached resume.