Core Competencies for Nurse Practitioners

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Write a brief description of the Core Competency: Scientific Foundation. With your competency in mind, explain how you would implement it in a clinical setting. Support your rationale with evidence-based clinical practice from current research (not older than five years).

Assignment Resources considere :

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Core Competencies for Nurse Practitioners

Core competencies based on scientific foundation focuses on the ability of a nurse practitioner or rather clinical practitioner to make use of critical scientific approaches in medicine. The professional ought to implement competitive expertise in practice adhering to the practice guidelines towards quality healthcare provision. (When writing Nursing admission essays, correct standard English, with complete sentences are used. Place your order with us and your Nursing admission essays wil be delivered in good form)

According to Thomas et al (2011), one of the scientific foundation competencies is the ability of a nurse to critically analyze data; clinical evidence which could be inculcated towards making advanced nursing practice better. This is where an order is made, data is collected on age, gender, and condition using specific prognostic screening and tests protocols and hence analyzing and synthesizing data in order to form part of treatment regime program. (PNCP 2012-2013)

 Integration of knowhow from the humanities and sciences within the context of nursing practice is core competency. (APRN, 2008 July). According to Thomas et al (2013), this is where a practitioner on giving epidemiology a critical analysis, designs symptom-focused physical examination and unique diagnoses, considering environmental and community characteristics, life stage development, age increment approach, behavioral risk factors and family history. These are considered when making a decision on best treatment approaches (Thomas et al, 2011 and APRN, 2008). (Nursing admission essays should have a single clear central idea that is clearly shown throughout the paper)

APRN (2008) say that a practitioner should be capable of translating research, other kinds of knowledge to upgrade practice processes and results. In their work, Thomas et al (2011) indicate that this is where a practitioner implements theoretical and scientific foundation in design and development of improved nursing interventions and programs of healthcare provision such as critical deliberations using currently advanced knowhow, embracing of selective use of technology in assessing clinical diagnostics products and services. In this regard, APRN (2008) emphasize the need for practitioners in a clinical set up to develop new approaches grounding on researches, and integrating theory learnt in class and practice skills.

This is helpful in coaching, offering models and teaching (Thomas et al, 2011). Theoretical knowledge on symptoms and signs, family history and possible remedies is actualized through integrating most recent researches, epidemiological evidence and observed patient’s status after diagnosis.

(Our writers will use strong facts and evidence to support the claims in the Nursing admission essays)


APRN Consensus Work Group. (2008 July 7). Consensus Model for APRN Regulation: Licensure, Accreditation, and Certification & Education

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