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Components of A mission Statement

Describe the key components to a mission statement. Research a local organization that has
a public health program, and describe their mission statement. Evaluate whether the key
components necessary for a successful mission statement are represented. Discuss how this
mission statement influences the field of public health

Components of A mission Statement
A mission statement should clearly state what a given body or organization does. The
statement should state the activities, or services of the organization in question. An effective
mission statement is clear and focused. A mission statement should include only a single line of
services or activities (Patel, Booker, Ramos, & Bart 2015). Organizations that offer multiple
services should have one statement that shows a common collection of its multifaceted activities.
A mission statement should show relevance with the target audience. The mission statement
should address needs and concerns of the people that the organization strives to serve. Finally, a
mission statement should have a long term implication (Patel et al., 2019). An organization’s
mission statement should be open to changes that will take place internally and external of the
concerned organization.
WHO’s Mission Statement 
The WHO’s mission is; “The attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level
of health.” The statement is clear and points out to the main concern of WHO, which is health.
WHO is involved in all areas of people’s health (WHO, 2019) . The mission statement only states
the overall term, which is health. The mission statement relates to people the target audience, by
mentioning the world: people. The statement endures in the long-term. The keywords, health,
people, level, are not subject to change in the context of time. 

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Importance of Mission Statement in Public Health
Mission statement facilitates collaboration in public health. Several public health
programs are anchored on the collaboration between communities, governments and other
Mission statements ensure the stability of public health organizations or programs (Patel
et al., 2019). Mission statements are long-term. Several public health programs are long-term,
taking several years from planning to evaluation (Patel et al., 2019). A mission statement,
therefore, makes public health programs relevant across the program’s time frame.

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 Patel, B. S., Booker, L. D., Ramos, H. M., & Bart, C. (2015). Statements of Mission and
performance in organizations. Governance, 15(5), 759-774.
WHO. (2019, January 1). WHO . Retrieved October 11, 2019, from WHO

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