Complex Psychiatric Disorders

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Complex Psychiatric Disorders

Students will write a Complex Integrated Primary Health and Psychiatric Disorders paper (ten (10) pages maximum, not including cover page and reference list). Students will chose and describe two (2) psychiatric conditions MY CHOICE IS SCHIZOPHRENIA AND OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER ( OCD) that may co-occur in practice, delineating for each diagnosis its etiology, prevalence, and signs and symptoms for assessment (including DSM 5 criteria and instruments helpful in diagnosis of the disorder).

The student will then develop a patient/client case scenario using one of the psychiatric conditions cited above and add a physical health condition (MY CHOICE IS OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER (OCD) AND HYPERTENSION).

The student should develop the case scenario with the usual demographic information, presenting problems and behaviors, signs and symptoms.

The case scenario should be detailed, but not include any identifying personal information, if it relates to an actual patient situation. Integration of information from a research study relevant to your patient diagnoses should be included. (Be sure to cite this and all other resources and include in the reference list).

The relevance of normal development, neurobiology, epidemiology, culture, socioeconomic status, gender, and age issues should be integrated into the patient case scenario and assessment.

Synthesize the information gathered from your case scenario as you normally would in assessing a person and summarize.

Discuss appropriate screening tools that could be used in screening and assessment of your case.

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