Community teaching plan proposal

Write a paper in which you describe a community teaching work plan proposal that is
designed to address the needs of Hopewell, Virginia community.
EXPLAIN how the following applies.

  1. Learning theory – Explain how the theory will be applied.
  2. Creativity: How was creativity applied in the teaching methods/strategies?
  3. Goals- Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) objective(s) utilized as the goal for the teaching.
    Include the appropriate objective number and rationale for using the selected HP2020
    objective (use at least one objective from one of the 24 focus areas). If an HP2020 objective
    does not support your teaching, explain how your teaching applies to one of the two
    overarching HP2020 goals.
  4. How Does This HP2020 Objective Relate to Alma Ata’s Health for All Global Initiatives
    (See page 116 in the textbook)?
    Community/Public Health Nursing Practice Health for Families and Populations 5th ed.
    Frances A. Maurer, MS, RN-BC Community Health Nursing Educator and Consultant,
    Baltimore, MarylandClaudia M. Smith, PhD, MPH, RN-BC Community/Public Health
    Nursing Educator and Consultant, Bowie, Maryland 978-1-4557-0762-1

Community teaching plan proposal

This is a community teaching work plan proposal for Hopewell, Virginia community
aimed at teaching on the primary prevention for teen pregnancy and STD’s.
According to CDC, in a survey conducted in 2011, in high school, it was revealed that
47.4% teenagers in US engaged in sexual intercourse and out of this 38.8% did not use a condom
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC, 2013). Many of them did not use birth
control pills had more than four sexual partners. These therefore indicate the inherent risk of
STDs and early pregnancies, hence important of teaching.
In the proposed teaching plan, the use of appropriate learning theories is essential in
ensuring that the community understands and practices that which they are taught. These theories
will help in determining whether the information disseminated to the community is absorbed,
processed and even retained. For instance, to ensure that learning is effective, the leaners will be

rewarded if they stick to what they have learnt (Maurer, 2011). Because, most of the learners
may have already heard about teen’s pregnancy and STD’s, the learning process will develop on
this knowledge and requires that they practice that which they have learned on their own.
Creativity is also essential and must be applied in the teaching methods/ strategies to
ensure success in the teaching process. In this proposal, various learning techniques will be used
including, use of demonstrations, real life experiences of people that have been affected by
STD’s, award and impromptu test among many others.
The goals of the teaching proposal are in tandem with the healthy people 2020 objectives.
One of the objectives is to help in promoting quality of life, healthy development and healthy
behaviors across all the stages of life. The second objective is to eliminate any disparities and
improve the health of the entire people of the community and lastly is to attain high quality,
longer lives devoid of preventable diseases and premature deaths (Claudia, 2008). The reasons
for aspiring to meet these goals are to ensure that cases of pregnancy and STD’s are eliminated.
The cases among teenage pose threat to a healthy society and if not well prevented in advance, it
poses risks to the future generation. It also will also affect the life of the teens hindering them
from achieving their objectives in life (Maurer, F. (2011). Other reasons for aspiring to meet
these objectives are that, the prevalence of teen pregnancies and STD’s infections are things that
can be managed and prevented. What is required is the change in behaviors among the members
of the community and the teens themselves.
Healthy people 2020 objectives relate to Alma Ata’s Health for All Global Initiatives in
many ways. One of the ways the two relate is in their quest to ensure that health problems in the
community are addressed through promotion, preventive, rehabilitative and curative services
(CDC, 2013). Achieving proper health is required to be undertaken through education and

participations of the members of the community in the planning. Therefore, the two initiatives
are all aspiring to help in improving the health conditions of its people and ensuring that people
live longer life free from healthy problems.
The two also put into consideration the social, economic, and political factors in the
provision of healthcare services. They are therefore; build on the premise that there should be no
inequality and disparities in provision of healthcare to all groups of the population regardless of
their status.


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