Community health nursing

Identify a Healthy People 2020 objective applicable to a population or aggregate to which
you, your family member, or your assessment community belongs, such as adult Asian
women, urban African-American adult men, or teenage athletes. Do you think the objective
is attainable? Why or why not? What can you do as a community health nurse to assist the
United States in reaching this goal?

Community health nursing

Healthy People 2020 was launched in December 2012 by the department of health and
human services .Health People 2020 had various objectives that it wanted to be achieved by the
years 2020 in terms of healthcare (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2012).
This paper delineates on one of the objectives, which is applicable to urban African American
adult men.
The objectives suitable for this population segment are the attainment of higher quality,
longer lives free of preventable diseases, disability, injury and premature death. These objectives
are attainable because this population is educated and mostly probably has the ability to afford
proper medical care. Premature deaths usually happen because of lack of adequate measures to
ensure quality health care. The causes of death include accidents, disease outbreaks among
others that can be prevented by putting in place adequate preventive measures.
Community health nurses have the responsibility to help in the promotion of better
health and in achieving this goals in the USA. As a community nurse, I can help in the achieving
of this goal by working close with the people at the ground by carrying out research on their
health status. I can also take part in the initiatives aimed at promoting good health through
carrying out of campaigns on topics that promote good heath (Shiau-Jing, Chi-Ho & Chouh-
Jiaun, 2008). Many people in society may not be aware of the important of seeking medical care
and where to go to seek medical care. As a result, I will have to take this responsibility to

educate them on the various diseases and how they can control or manage them (Duiveman &
Bonner, 2012). The bigger challenge today is that the high rate of chronic diseases caused by the
changes in our lifestyle. As a community nurse, I believe I will able to teach them on the best
dietary options that can help in reducing cases of obesity and other chronic diseases.
Society has the capabilities to promote quality health and prevent premature disease by
remaining committed and working together. Community health nurses can be instrumental in
promoting the achievement of this goal among African American people in urban areas in United



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