Common Legal Liabilities to Nurse Managers

Number of sources: 6

Writing Style: APA

Type of document: Essay

Academic Level:Master

Number of Pages: 4 (Double Spaced)

Category:   Nursing

Language Style: English (U.S.)

Order Instructions:

The student will choose to develop a 3-5 page paper, worth 20% of the total grade. The paper must follow the following guidelines:

• All concepts and terms are to be defined and credit given to the sources of all quotations, paraphrases, or ideas borrowed.

• The APA Manual format is to be used throughout the paper.

The following outline should be followed for all papers unless otherwise instructed by faculty: 

I. Introduction

A. General definition of the topic and purpose of paper

B. Thesis–your assessment about a set of facts

C. Concession to the opposite viewpoint

II. Discussion

A. Provide transition paragraphs (example and explanation)

B. Evaluate and interpret implications of the findings

III. Conclusion

A. Summary; support of thesis; universal conclusion if appropriate

B. Discuss need for future research

IV. References

A. Citations in paper appear in the reference list according to APA Manual format

B. References are cited in the text according to APA Manual format 

“RESPONSES-TO-READINGS” ASSIGNMENT 1. Discuss the most common potential legal liabilities for nurse managers and present ways to minimize them.

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