Children suffering from autism

Current event
Who? What? When? Why? (First paragraph to orient the reader)
Why is it significant to psychology/why we care about it in the context of this class?(second
and more explanatory paragraph)texbook DISCOVERING PSYCHOLOGY 6TH NEW
YORK:WORTH PUBLISHERS ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-0241-7
Please turn in a write up including the above components. You may choose an article from
new paper, magazine, or other appropriate source.
Why you chose the current event and how it is significant and important to psychology
(second paragraph) make sure this is clearly presented in your paper as well as your
Two or three paragraphs about one page double spaced

Current event

The article, “video could transform how schools serve teens with Autism” was published
in the Science Daily on Oct 17, 2013. The article is about the discoveries made in teaching
children suffering from Autism. The new video is the latest technology that can be used by
schools to teach children suffering from autism. Therefore, it is an article targeted to the parents
and children affected by autism and their schools. The article is significant to psychology
because, it provides a solution to one of the psychological problems that face people. It is also
important in our class context as it expounds our skills and knowledge about methods of
managing cases of autism.
This is one of the latest developments in terms of the techniques that can be used to help
teach social skills to children with autism. This development comes at the time technology is
advancing and almost every process are being done through technology. Furthermore, the rates
of people suffering from autism are growing everyday as the population continues to increase.
This method therefore becomes effective in helping to teach the children these skills. Limited
resources to cater for people with autism in school makes this method of teaching far much
economical and will allow many children to benefit. Autism or ASD is a complex disorder that

affects the brain development and is characterized by difficulty is social interaction, non-verbal
and verbal communication and repetitive behavior.
As started earlier the article is important and relevant to psychology as it addresses a
problem that is associated with mental disorders. Autism is one of the disorders that is
understood through study of psychology. This therefore is a positive development in improving
the strategies to handle the disorder. As a result, I found this article appropriate in the
advancement of knowledge about management of autism and in expanding my skills and
knowledge about the disorder.



Science Daily, (17 October. 2013). “Video could transform how schools serve teens with