Childhood diseases that exist is adults

In this group assignment, you will be developing a presentation on childhood diseases that
exist in adults.Evaluate how juvenile diabetes impacts the adult client in the following
areas. Please provide references and in text citations. Answer, in short simple sentences in
sub headings as stated a-d.
a) Susceptibility to engage in substance abuse.
b) Prenatal care and childbearing.
c) Occupational considerations and hazards.
d) Ability to cope with stress.

Childhood diseases that exist is adults

Juvenile diabetes now type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition whereby the pancreas is
unable to produce the little insulin required to allow glucose to enter in the cells of the body to
produce energy. Is a condition that occurs when the body fails to make enough insulin or
becomes resistant to insulin effects (American diabetes Association, 2013). It has various
impacts on the normal life of a person as discussed below.
Susceptibility to engage in substance abuse
Adults with the disease are not advised to use alcohol because of its effects. The risks are
higher and most people are advised to shun alcohol. Drinking alcohol may increase blood
glucose levels, or lead to low blood sugar level when the liver’s ability to release stored glucose
is affected. It also interferes with medications as it leads to ineffectiveness, and may worsen eye
diseases caused by diabetes therefore it is advisable for people with diabetes to avoid abusing

Prenatal care and childbearing
Juvenile diabetes has negative impacts on the prenatal and childbearing potential of a
woman. Studies have found out that there is an increased risk of fetal and maternal outcomes
among women with the disease (CDC, 1993). Therefore, this can be reduced by regular checks.
It is also prudent for women to go for pre-pregnancy tests to receive counseling so as to ensure
that these risks are reduced.
Occupational considerations and hazards
People with diabetes have the ability to do various jobs and there are no risks associated
with that (American diabetes Association, 2013). They can do any job that they have qualified to
do and even the employer may not be aware of their conditions.
Ability to cope with stress
Diabetes is associated with stress and most of the patients are depressed (Grey, 2000).
Therefore, they need to find appropriate strategies that they can use to cope or manage this
situation because it affects their health. This can be managed through cognitive behaviour
modification, social problem solving and improvement in communication skills through training
(Lee, Greenfield & Campbell, 2009). In conclusion, juvenile diabetes is a disease that requires
good management to mitigate the risks. Patients must be able to adhere to certain regulations to
promote their health.



American diabetes Association. (2013). Diabetes and employment.