CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality

Discuss the role the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) plays in
conveying public health information and recommendations. Describe the type of data and
information provided by the MMWR. Choose a report posted within the last 2 years from
the “Publications – Weekly Report” tab. Provide a brief summary of the disease report,
including the natural history and mode of transmission, and whether the report is an
example of descriptive epidemiology or analytical epidemiology.

CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Weekly morbidity and mortality reports published by the CDC is useful in providing
statistics useful in predicting current and future medical trends. The reports are used to come up
with recommendations for bringing the best health outcomes. It is also an important way of
reporting the outcomes of the measures in place for controlling and stabilizing the healthcare
sector. The weekly reports are important since they help the healthcare policy makers to revise
their current measures and procedures of controlling morbidity and mortality rates. Therefore,
the worthwhile measures can be adopted and maintained while the ineffective methods are
One such weekly report is the Arthritis awareness month report published on 3 rd May

  1. The primary intention of the report was to sensitize people and bring to their attention the
    impacts of arthritis. The report provided a descriptive epidemiology and gave updated described
    statistical information regarding the frequency of the disease, its presentation amongst different
    populations based on different personal characteristics among other important epidemiological

information of arthritis. The report linked arthritis to cases of physical injury and trauma. The
statistics showed that 27% of adults who present with arthritis have joint pains (CDC, 2019).
The report found out that physical inactivity and severe joint pains were common
amongst adults who presented with arthritis. The condition was commonest amongst natives of
American Indians/Alaska than any other racial group (CDC, 2019). The prevalence was highest
in Appalachia and Lower Mississippi valley regions. Individuals with mild to moderate joint pain
have less chances of physical inactivity compared to those with sever joint pains. Physical
exercise and activity eases the pain with time. The CDC recommends the evidence-based
lifestyle support to help in management of arthritis.


CDC. (2019, May 3). Centre for Disease Control Weekly Report.