Career Corner

My name is nkiru S frank
The name of my professor is “Mary-kaye SawyerMorse”
Purpose: At this time, you should have an up-to-date resume. This is important because
you never know when an opportunity to network and build your career may present itself.
Always having a current resume on hand is extremely valuable to ensure you are able to
respond to these opportunities in a timely manner and present yourself well
In Unit 1, you were asked to create a LinkedIn profile if you had not previously done so.
Please update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your completion of this course. Consider
adding a �Courses- section.
After you have updated your LinkedIn profile, invite your professor to connect with you
via LinkedIn. Once connected, ask your professor for a recommendation on your LinkedIn
profile by providing your instructor the weblink to your LinkedIn profile. (Please note:
Recommendations are provided at the discretion of your professor.)

Career Corner 2

My name is Nkiru S. Frank aged 26 years. I have pursued various courses in different
One of the recent courses that I have done is Fostering change in Health Services. This
certificate course took me duration of one year to complete.
The course was online and offered by courtesy of USAID. The course has equipped me with
requisite skills on how to foster change in health care to enhance quality.

I believe that I have the necessary skills and capabilities to execute or initiate any changes in a
health set up. My capability have not been tested ones or twice but several times. I have been
able to get an opportunity to work in various health institutions and my presence has always been
felt through my strategic plans and changes that I have instituted.
Apart from this course, I have also pursued other professional courses and done different
examination. I have pursued Certified Public Accounts to the level K, done courses in
community development, diploma in communication skills. These courses have been of greater
value to me as they have expanded my scope of knowledge on issues pertaining to
communication, management, and community projects.
I am also a computer literate and as well possess a driving license. These qualifications allow
me to multitask as I expedite my duties. I am a person that is resilient, hard worker and a go-
For more information pertaining to my skills and capabilities, you are free to contact the head
manager of Transnational Medical Center and my course manager Nina Frankel. My professor
can also be conducted. Her name is Mary-kaye SawyerMorse.
I can also be reached at my email .
Thank you for your time. I do believe that persistent and will is all that is required to achieve the
goals and visions.



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