Capstone the Clinical Question

This week’s graded discussion topic relates to the following Course Outcome (CO).

CO4 Develops and outlines a scientific, systematic decision-making process to integrate critical thinking with clinical judgment to assure safe and effective outcomes. (PO 4)

Your capstone change project begins this week when you identify a practice issue that you believe needs to change. The practice issue must pertain to a systematic review that you must choose from a List of Approved Systematic Reviews for the capstone project, whose link may be found in the guidelines for the Week 3 Capstone Project: Milestone 1 assignment page.

-Choose a systematic review from the list of approved reviews based on your interests or your practice situation.

-Formulate a significant clinical question related to the topic of the systematic review that will be the basis for your capstone change project.

-Relate how you developed the question.

-Describe the importance of this question to your clinical practice previously, currently, or in the future.

-Describe what a research-practice gap is.