Assignment type Coursework

Discipline Psychology

Description Assignment #2 – Break-a-Social-Norm For this assignment, I want everyone to break a social norm. Then you will discuss how breaking the norm made you feel, and how it might have made other people feel. Step 1: First you need to identify a social norm. Step 2: Answer the following questions 1). What implicit norm(s) did you violate? (4 points) 2). Describe how you violated it (them). (4 points) 3). Analyze your thoughts and feelings while you violated the norm(s). (4 points) 4). Analyze what other people were probably thinking about your violation (4 points) 5). Did you gain any insight into your own or others’ behavior? What about the power of the situation? (4 points) 6). Include AT LEAST ONE key social psychological principle in your paper. You may want to include something about role-playing, conformity / nonconformity, normative social influence, cognitive dissonance, self-monitoring, etc. Your choice, but have AT LEAST ONE! (5 points) Step 3: Submit the assignment. Step 4: For a bit of extra credit for this Break-A-Norm Assignment, I want to see visual proof of your norm violation. That means a video or picture of your infraction! That takes some planning on your part, and it is not required, but it is extra credit for you (3 points!) if you do it.