Beginning Problem Background


Post: In the Discussion Board labeled Module 2 DB Beginning Problem Background, address each of the following points (use them as headings in your post to be sure you addressed everything).

1. your beginning problem background and question for investigation,

2. a beginning evidence table with articles supporting the problem (this can be an attachment to your discussion posting).

3. a short discussion of conceptual models used in the studies,

4. your PICOT question. (See rubric for the Problem Background Paper, which is due at the end of Module 3).

Discuss how your question evolved as you read using a concrete example of your shift in thinking

Module 2 Discussion Board Posting

Needs Improvement Less than Ideal Ideal

Describes beginning problem background & question for investigation. Points:

5 (6.67%)

Provides no contribution to topic; confusing or unrelated information. Points:

10 (13.33%)

Adequate understanding of topic; examples or links do not always support discussion. Meets deadline Points:

15 (20%)

Fully addresses topic/question; clear; provides supporting examples or links. Meets deadline.

Discusses theoretical/conceptual model. Points:

2.5 (3.33%)

Does not discuss or is inappropriate. Points:

5 (6.67%)

Somewhat discusses but may need clarification. Points:

10 (13.33%)

Clearly discusses the theoretical/conceptual model with application.

Includes PICOT question. Points:

5 (6.67%)

Does not include PICOT question or question is inappropriate. Points:

10 (13.33%)

Includes PICOT question but needs revision. Points:

15 (20%)

Include PICOT question and clearly indicates an understanding of the format.

Discusses how question evolved. Points:

5 (6.67%)

Lacks discussion of how question evolved. Points:

10 (13.33%)

Somewhat discusses how question evolved. Points:

15 (20%)

Clearly discusses how question evolved.

Includes attached evidence table. Points:

0 (0%)

Does not attach evidence table, incorrect format or <3 EBP articles. EBP articles are not current Points:

7 (9.33%)

Attached evidence table with 3-4 EBP articles. EBP articles are current 5 years or less. Points:

10 (13.33%)

Attached evidence table with a minimum of 5 EBP articles and are current 5 years or less.

Uses APA format, headings where indicated. Points:

5 (6.67%)

Lacks APA formatting where indicated, headings not used. Late submission Points:

7 (9.33%)

Uses APA formatting where indicated with minimal errors, includes headings. Points:

10 (13.33%)

Uses APA formatting where indicated without errors, includes headings.

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