Aprogram planning model used in public health

Describe a program planning model used in public health. Include the link of the program
you used as an example in your post. Discuss key elements of the model and why program
planning models are used in developing programs.

The Chosen Model
The PRECEDE–PROCEED model is widely used in planning public health programs.
The model consists of nine steps in public health planning (Calano et al., 2019). PRECEDE is
composed of the first five steps, while PROCEED consists of the last four steps.
Step 1: Initial Diagnosis. The stage involves the definition of the main health care problems
affecting a given population (Calano et al., 2019).
Step 2: Epidemiological diagnosis. The stakeholders develop specific healthcare objectives that
can be measured and can be carried out within a given time limit (Calano et al., 2019).
Sep 3: Behavioral Diagnosis. The step identifies the environmental and behavioral factors that
form the basis for sub –objectives from the main objectives (Calano et al., 2019).
Step 4: Educational Diagnosis. A unique plan, for implementing the identified sub-objectives is
developed (Calano et al., 2019).
Step 5: Policy Assessment. The public health stakeholders assess the resources needed for the
program (Calano et al., 2019).
Step 6: Implementation. The identified activities are put into action with the aim of achieving the
stated goals (Calano et al., 2019).
Step7: Evaluation. The responsible stakeholders monitor the implementation of the activities and
give feedback (Calano et al., 2019).

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Step 8: Overall Evaluation. The planners assess achievement of specified goals.
Step 9: Outcome evaluation (Calano et al., 2019). The program is assessed used on the
achievement of the overall intended objectives to the target population.

Use Public health Models
The models provide the structure and organization of the public health programs. This
gives the limits within which a public health program should be implemented. Public health
models have specific structures.

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Calano et al. (2019). Effectiveness of a community‐based health programme on the blood
pressure control, adherence and knowledge of adults with hypertension: A
PRECEDE‐PROCEED model approach. Journal of clinical nursing, 28(9-10), 1879-

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