Appeal for dismissal from from the nursing proram

Appeal for dismissal from from the nursing proram

Appeal for Dismissal

The Department Chairperson and the Committee of Scholastic Standards:

My name is (enter name here), a nursing student at —-University, and I am writing to you to
appeal a decision made on my academic dismissal from the institution. Much as the verdict was
devastating, it did not come as a surprise when I received the information about my dismissal.
However, I am writing to you today with the sincerest hope that you will reconsider your
decision and reinstate me for the program in the next semester. As you purpose to do so, accept
my sincere gratitude for granting me the opportunity to explain my situation.

I concur that the last semester was not my best, and my grades reflect the dismal
performance. Nonetheless, I do not intend to make excuses for such poor academic performance,
and I would like to explain the circumstances that led to such results. Throughout the nursing
program, I have enjoyed the milestones achieved and endeavored to perform exemplarily across
the various tasks. However, in the last semester, I suffered several setbacks that hindered the
attainment of the desired academic goals. More precisely, in the course of the program, I lost my
favorite uncle, and dealing with his death took a huge toll on my family as a whole. He had been
a crucial pillar to my life and was the one who mentored me to venture into nursing and
healthcare discipline as it was a life-changing experience.

Additionally, shortly after we laid my uncle to rest, I was hospitalized for two different
encounters for three-and-a-half days due to supraventricular tachycardia, as well as mitral
prolapse. The second encounter that contributed to my hospitalization for another two days

involved abdominal pain as the health professionals suspected I had appendicitis. However, it
turned out to be a ruptured cyst and a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). These incidents were
followed closely by the loss of my fiancée. All of these events brought along distractions and the
inability to focus on my schoolwork. I understand that I should have communicated with my
professors about the situation or further considered taking an academic leave from the program.

The selection of this program was based on my desire to follow in the footsteps of my
uncle, and I would mean the world to me to graduate with a degree from this institution. If I am
reinstated, I intend to focus more on improving my grades through exemplary performance in the
coursework and various milestones. The attainment of these objectives will thus involve the
appropriation of adequate time to my coursework through a schedule and calendar of events that
outline the specific tasks that should be handled at a particular time of the day. Most
fundamentally, I have identified a tutor who will guide me through the coursework. I intend to
adhere to her guidelines and further ensure that her advice is implemented appropriately. These
will be coupled with my professors’ increased incorporation in the activities I carry out and
improved communication on the areas I encounter challenges.

Additionally, to compensate for the lost time and improve the units with dismal
grades/performance, I will enroll in intersession courses to facilitate the attainment of the
knowledge and scholastic grades necessary for the completion of the program. These will be
coupled with the completion of an Academic Recovery and Engagement plan that will
necessitate the integration of appropriate changes in my daily routine, which will further boost
my academic performance. However, the successful attainment of these objectives will require
participation in different evaluation methods that range from self-monitoring cards and group

work activities. Moreover, I will enroll in part-time coursework that adheres to the requirements
of the institution’s plan of study. This means that I will be attending evening classes for the units
where I performed poorly and further liaise with the relevant professors to keep track of my
grade and participation in the various milestones. More precisely, besides personal study time, I
will engage my professors to evaluate the self-assessment tests I carry out or grade the various
essays I have written on different topics. These components will be elaborately outlined in a
calendar plan of action that further indicates the specific actions that will be taken. Therefore, if
my appeal is granted, I will ensure that my class attendance is 100%, the completion of the
coursework requirements is attained, and that my average grade for each unit exceeds the
standard level.

Calendar for the Plan of Action

Plan of Action Time


Specific steps taken

Depiction of exemplary performance From week 1 to the
last week of the
Throughout the
program (2-4

Proper time management for day-to-
day activities and adherence to a study
schedule even during personal time.

Work with a tutor 3-4 days per week
after classes and
during the weekends

Follow her guidelines throughout the
coursework and adhere to her advice
by implementing them accordingly.

Incorporation of my professors in the
activities carried out and improved
communication in the areas I encounter

Once or twice a
week to touch base
on the activities
carried out
throughout the week.

Consult and liaise with the professors
to keep track of my grades and
participation in the various milestones.

Engage them in the evaluation of the
self-assessment tests carried out or
grade the various essays written on
different topics related to the program

Enroll in intersession courses within the
institution to boost my scholastic grades

2 to 3 hours after

Completion of an Academic Recovery
and Engagement plan through the
implementation of appropriate changes
in my daily routine

Participation in different evaluation
programs or activities

Twice or thrice
every month

Enrollment for part-time coursework,
use self-monitoring cards and engage
in group work activities that align with
the institution’s requirements and my
plan of study

Attend evening classes for the units in
which I performed dismally.

Although the low GPA points and poor academic performance may have contributed to
my dismissal, please bear in mind that I am not a bad student. The various issues highlighted
herein brought along adverse effects on my ability to focus on the program. However, granted a
second chance, I will portray my potential and ensure that my academic performance exceeds
your expectations. I sincerely hope you will allow me to showcase my ability and fulfill my
desires. Thank you for considering my appeal.