Analysis of Symptoms for Reaching a Diagnosis

Consider the importance of conducting a careful, thorough health assessment. How can you
know when you have sufficient information to make a diagnosis?
Reflect on the ramifications of failing to conduct an adequate health assessment.
** Write a description of the importance of conducting a thorough health assessment and
of how advanced practice nurses know when sufficient information has been gathered to
make a diagnosis. Assess the ramifications of failing to uncover relevant information.
Use current resource of less than 5 years old.

Analysis of Symptoms for Reaching a Diagnosis

Detecting diseases early enough is a vital prevention component. Conducting a wide
array of assessments is essential is ensuring patient well-being in all areas. Everybody requires
health assessments regularly, particularly, it is important for patients that have visited health care
centers if feeling unwell.
A thorough health assessment is important in that the health care provider knows about
the current health status of the patient, which is important in enabling her advice the patient
accordingly (Singapore General Hospital, 2014). In addition, as a result of the information
patients gathers, they realize the importance of regular health assessments. Patients are also able
to acquire concrete information, which enables them to prepare for lifestyle changes or
modifications. Patients and health care providers know the condition the patient is suffering
from. This allows control and treatment in time, which promotes better outcomes as well as
lowering risks of critical complications.
Advanced practice nurses know that enough information has been collected for making a
diagnosis after all possible and relevant information has been gathered through physical
assessments and medical history (Singapore General Hospital, 2014). In addition to this, the
nurses should conduct laboratory tests so as to be certain of which condition the patient is
suffering from. In case there is a need for other tests including scans, the nurse should ensure that
they are conducted as a strategy of ensuring that the correct diagnosis is made.

The failure to uncover vital information means that the wrong diagnosis will be made on
the patient. As a result of the wrong diagnosis, wrong medications are given (Singapore General
Hospital, 2014). This has the possibility of worsening the condition or leading to other



Singapore General Hospital. (2014). What is health assessment?

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