Agent of change

Refer back to the “Section 6. Recognizing the Challenges of Leadership” topic material
and consider the role of the public health professional in policy and advocacy and as an
agent of change. Do you see yourself as an agent of change? If so, how? If not, why not?
When replying to peers, provide and discuss strategies for public health advocacy and ways
to become an agent of change.

Agent of change

Leaders have a responsibility of providing direction to employees while sustaining the
organization’s goals and objectives. Public health professional in policy and advocacy initiatives
focus on the critical issues of concern while lobbying for diverse aspects of support in sustaining
healthy communities. Public health leaders are tasked with encouraging funding prospects form
different agencies in addressing essential services and programs in reducing the health
disparities. Besides, public health professionals in the policy and advocacy roles attempt to
undertake actions to overcome major barriers that may hamper the individual and community
livelihoods. As such, the public health professionals endeavour to create and enhance change
within healthcare institutions and across the health sector in reducing the health discrepancies.
Indeed, I am a change agent within the organization in my quest and desire not only to
enhance a positive workplace environment but also encourage positive behaviour and attitudes
among the health professionals. My critical and management skills in various responsibilities
have opened up my increasing desire to achieve beyond the expected results. I have employed a
pragmatic approach towards analysing situations and problem-solving across the healthcare
environment that has increased my intrinsic motivation in the workplace. As such, my
persistence in the need for continued organizational transformation has enabled the pursuit as a

change agent. Again, I have facilitated the change in design systems, tools and approaches for
realizing positive improvements as opposed to the traditional methods in accomplishing tasks.
Through a creative approach and articulate planning, I have achieved success across various
programs within the healthcare environment. In addition, a transformational approach to
management of various issues has increased my progress as a change agent. With a focus on
meeting the healthcare targets, transformational leadership often focuses on realizing effective
results while according other employees a learning opportunity (Steckler et al., 2016).
Throughout my engagement across the organization, it has been possible to effectively incline
my responsibilities as a change agent.



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